Examples Containing Arbitration in a Sentence

If you’re in search of such examples that are using the word “arbitration in a sentence”, the following examples will help you in understanding its meaning and usage in the sentence.

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Examples Containing Arbitration in a Sentence

Examples using Arbitration in a Sentence

Given below are 20 examples that are using the word arbitration in a sentence:

1.They called upon an arbitration to solve their dispute.
2. The issue of the land between John and Michael was settled by arbitration.
3. Arbitration has been proven to be a better option over argument.
4. Matters of taxation can not be resolved by arbitration.
5. A group was formed with the objective of arbitration between the company and its customers.
6. Arbitration must not be allowed in a matter of criminal acts.
7. The matters like divorce and property disputes can also be resolved by arbitration.
8. I have decided to solve the matter between me and my friend through arbitration.
9. The final verdict over our dispute will be given through arbitration.
10. Oh! it’s a simple case, you do not need to go to the courtroom for that, I would suggest you to choose arbitration over it.
11. I hope to see people choosing arbitration over fists in simple solvable issues.
12. As my suggestion of arbitration was not entertained, I chose to walk away from their matter.
13. Luckily, they submitted their case to arbitration which saved them a lot of bucks.
14. For the settlement of your issues in a smoother way, arbitration is the best advice you can get.
15. I have talked to the panel, the arbitration will proceed in just two days.
16. Final verdict will be given by the arbitration panel in 3 to 4 days.
17. Through arbitration, the matter that could have caused bloodshed was peacefully sorted out.
18. Arbitration between two parties who are unwilling to listen to each other is not a child’s play.
19. Both parties agreed to submit their case to arbitration for the mutual benefit of both.
20. Arbitration is a much better option than litigation to rely on.

What is the actual meaning of the word “Arbitration”?

The word “arbitration” is specifically defined as a process of settling of dispute or any issue by the help of a third party who is neutral and impartial. When the parties have a dispute over something, instead of going to the courtroom, they may choose arbitration to solve their matter which is a lot cheaper and faster and might also result in the benefit of both the parties.

What is the method of Arbitration?

The two parties having disputes among them will go to the arbitrator who will take the responsibility of solving the matter impartially. The arbitrator, then analyzes the situation, listens to both the parties, and then gives the most suitable solution that is good yet binding for both of the parties.

Is it worth it to consider Arbitration as a better option over litigation?

The answer is a simple Yes! Arbitration not only saves you from the extra expenses of hiring a lawyer, waiting for months and years in the courtroom for the solution but it also saves the pride of both the parties by not letting any of them down and deriving a middle way through the dispute for the betterment of both parties.

Privacy Policy of an Arbitration Process

Privacy is the main thing in arbitration. The decision must be kept confidential and must not be shared with any person, either he is a part of the disputed party or just an outsider. The final decision is kept confidential until it is revealed to both parties together.

Words that can be used in place of “arbitration”

Following words can also be used in place of arbitration as its synonyms:


Verbs for the word “Arbitration”

Following words are the verbs for the word arbitration:

Straighten out
Bring to terms
Come to school
Come to terms
Hammer out a deal
Make a deal
Meet halfway
Pass judgment
Play ball
Step in
Strike happy medium
Work out a deal

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