• [expand title=”What is Founder’s Guide?”]We are a business media platform dedicated in supporting entrepreneurs and startups all over the world. We serve as a guidebook for beginners in business and the catalysts for innovation.

      Founder’s Guide is all about entrepreneurship as a successful means for innovation to help shape the society. In a painstakingly order this publication honors the unconventional code that entrepreneurs around the world live by. It is not a profession but rather a way of living to adhere should they aspire to be an emblem of success. It also promotes camaraderie by providing useful information and creating a global platform to encourage opportunities. Which leads to a better understanding of the factors required to set up and sustain a business. The articles featured on this issue ranges in the field of finance, accounting, management, public relations, marketing, sales, IT applications and iconic businessmen all in pursuit to disseminate practical tips for the entrepreneurs among us. This serves as a gateway emphasizing on the need for quintessential ideas, informative updates and other specialised directives in order for a business to thrive. Thus achieving an economic revolution  by connecting people together that foster growth and collaboration in all aspects.[/expand]


    • [expand title=”How can it help an aspiring entrepreneur like me?”]

      Our product and services are mainly for free.
      a) foundersguide.com publishes informative (online) content helpful to those who want to know the nuts and bolts of starting a business. From the registration requirements down to project management tools. We offer suggestions and unbiased reviews based on our own experience. As a startup ourselves, we went through the similar challenging stage of making things productive. We wanted to impart knowledge and information provided by contributors, founders, content writers and supportive partners.

      b) you can also get a free copy of our business guidebook by subscription request via this link: http://foundersguide.com/free-guidebook/ 

      c) we are currently working on our (e-series) business directory sites, where you can browse and search specialists tailored for your business needs. Accountants, Lawyers, Coworking Office Locators, Developers and more are our works in progress.


    • [expand title=”Can I promote my product or service through founder’s guide?”]If you are driven by the passion to help aspiring entrepreneurs improve their success rate then you are more than welcome to collaborate with us. We partner with various different establishments (big or small) to cater to the needs of global entrepreneurs. If you want your product/service featured you can contact our marketing team through pr@foundersguide.com. Our team will be reviewing your request.

      However, we tend to avoid sponsored posts to ensure fair and impartial articles. It is our duty to promote business leads objectively. Feel free to contact us for more inquiries. We will appreciate your inputs and feedbacks.[/expand]



    • [expand title=”I want to contribute how can I do that?”]Absolutely! You can share your business insights and hard-earned lessons to other striving entrepreneurs. You just simply have to submit your article piece and profile on this link:http://foundersguide.com/contributor/ 

      We also welcome guest-posting requests especially from entrepreneurs and business specialists.

    • [expand title=”Do you deliver the guidebook anywhere in the world?”]There are some limitations due to policies imposed by the government of Japan. Unfortunately we cannot deliver to Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and certain parts of the Middle East.

      Also note that since we’re trying to ship worldwide from Tokyo Japan, it may take a while before our product reaches your end. It also vary depending on certain conditions and demands. Maximum ETA is within 4-5 weeks.