Is Your Office Furniture Affecting Your Employees?

The furniture you have in your office is not just about the visual aesthetics of the space; it is also about the well-being of your employees. If you already have an up and running office, you should take a look at the furniture you have and assess the impact it has on your employees. New businesses should think carefully about any pieces they choose and consider any negative impacts it will have on the people who will be using them.

Adam from Allard Office Furniture advises each of the following should be taken into consideration.

Physical Health

Ensuring that your choice of furniture does not have a detrimental effect on the physical health of your staff is vital. One of your main concerns should be whether the furniture is affecting people’s backs, especially if employees spend a long time at their desk or if their job also includes lifting heavy objects. Make sure that you buy desks that are a suitable height so that people can work comfortably. Also, choose chairs that have good back support and are adjustable.

Emotional Well-being

In addition to having a physical impact on your employees, your choice of office furniture can potentially affect their emotional well-being. People often spend many hours of their life at work and creating an office environment that evokes positive feelings is essential. When employees are happy in their place of work, they feel more motivated, take less time off and work better overall. Furniture that is visually pleasing can help to create a good environment.

The layout of your furniture can also make a difference. For example, designing the office in a way that promotes interaction between employees is often better than having people working in total isolation.


comfortable furniture
In general, people will work better and more productively if they are comfortable. In addition to ensuring staff are not suffering from back pain at work, you will also need to make sure there is enough space around the furniture for them to put their feet flat on the floor and freely. When people are not comfortable, they become distracted from the task at hand and may need to take more frequent breaks to relieve their discomfort.


A further impact that your choice of office furniture may have on employees is whether they are able to fulfill their roles successfully and productively. Both the design of the furniture and the layout of the office can affect how well people can work, either positively or negatively. You will need to take into consideration both the space available and the activities that take place in the office when choosing the furniture and designing the layout. If you get it right, it will not only benefit the employees, it will also benefit the business as a whole as productivity will increase.

If you take all of these factors into consideration when choosing office furniture, you can make sure you avoid any negative effects on your employees and ensure that the furniture only impacts on your staff in a positive way.

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