How to Choose the Right Office Furniture

6 factors you need to consider when buying furniture for your workspace

Written by: Joanah Gamboa

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Exhausted. Bone tired. Eyes gritty from lack of sleep. After days of visiting office spaces and browsing on the net for the “perfect office” that suits your business and budget, you’ve finally found the one! You’re ready to hit the sack and sleep like a log and then you realized you still have to buy furniture to go with your new office.

Choosing the right furniture is as important as choosing the right type of office. It not only contributes to well-being, it also affects office productivity and entices prospective employees. Therefore, before marching to the nearest furniture shop, here are 6 things you must consider.

1. Cost

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Financing startups is not easy. Every penny spent is an investment. You have to show to your investors that you’re wisely spending the money entrusted to you. Thus, before buying any furniture, consider the cost. How much money will you spend on a particular desk or chair? How many will you buy? Determining your budget beforehand will help you narrow down your choices without compromising quality.

To save, you can always opt to shop at a second-hand furniture store. Do your research on which thrift stores you can acquire slightly-used yet decently-priced items.

2. Needs

Types of Office for Startups

Employees will be sitting and working most of the day, so providing them a comfortable chair and desk is a must. Nowadays, ergonomic chairs and desks become a trend for they make working easier, as supported by health studies. With the plethora of these products in the market, you can buy one at an affordable price.

Aside from chairs and desks, you can also buy other furniture and style your interior depending on your business type. Are you aiming for a cafe-like atmosphere where employees can easily communicate and collaborate with each other? Buy a huge table and a few chairs. Are you going for a formal feel with cubicles so that they can focus? Buy a desk with cubicle-dividers. Whatever your plans are, keep in mind that your choice should make your office a conducive environment for work.

Whatever your plans are, keep in mind that your choice should make your office a conducive environment for work.

3. Flexibility and functionality


The next thing to consider is flexibility and functionality of the furniture. Does your desk have storage for files? Can you stretch your legs or take a cat nap under your table? Are they comfortable enough for your employees? If your answers are yes, then you’ve made a wise investment.

Furniture with multiple functionalities is always a better choice. When you balance functionality with low cost, you’re hitting two birds with one stone.

4. Size

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It is common sense to buy furniture proportionate in size to your office space. Bringing bulky ones will consume a huge chunk of your office. With the cramped space, you and your employees won’t be able to freely move around. Thus, first know the dimensions of your office and from there, research for ways on how to maximize it. Arranging furniture in a certain way can also help make your office look more spacious. The bottomline is to provide your office with the right furniture and remember to leave enough room for your team to be comfortable in.

5. Aesthetic Value and Brand Identity


Purchase the kind of furniture that can contribute to the beauty of your office. Good office design lightens up the mood, eases stress, and increases productivity.

To do this, having a little background on the psychology of colors is an advantage. For instance, if you want your office to have a creative and energetic atmosphere, use the color orange. If you want to exude wisdom and tranquility, use blue. However, be mindful when choosing a multitude of different colors. If you wind up with a clashing mixture of them, it can disturb your company identity or cause headaches to your employees and any onlookers.

Furthermore, don’t choose furniture just because you like its color or design. You have to choose one that goes with your brand or your office personality. Your office furniture must transcend the aesthetic and comfort value it provides; it must also reflect your company’s identity and culture.

6. Cleanliness


If you found office furniture that have passed your standards–using the five factors mentioned above–buying it is the next step. Remember to thoroughly sanitize it first before bringing it to your office. Whether you have bought it from a thrift shop or a brand-new store, cleanliness is something you must not overlook. Clean furniture contributes to a cleaner, healthier office — which contributes to lesser employee absenteeism due to sickness.

The quest for the right type of office and furniture for your business may not be easy. Yet, it is an endeavour you must take for the sake of your company. You might be worn-out from days of searching, however, in the end, everything will be worth it. When your see your office space in all its completed glory–with it being a conducive environment for work–you’re ready to get your business started. After you get the sleep you deserve, of course.

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27 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Office Furniture

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  4. Derek Mcdoogle Reply

    My wife is finally letting me convert the extra bedroom in our house into my personal office. You mentioned that something to consider is flexibility and functionality of the furniture. Do most furniture stores offer assets that are specifically for an office? Finding some furniture that can be used for multiple reasons could be very helpful.

  5. Cindy Tesler Reply

    I agree that since employees are going to be sitting for most of the day, providing them a comfortable desk and chair is important. You also mention choosing furniture that has flexibility and functionality so that it can provide more than one purpose. I think it’s important to choose your furniture that is made of durable material so that it can withstand months of constant use.

  6. Steven Snow Reply

    A chair should be comfortable enough to keep its users spend maximum hours sitting on it. Looking at your situation, opt for a chair with wide dense seat pan and a high back.

    A mesh back will help you in eliminating sweat patches. Make sure that the dual caster wheels are made of nylon, capable of traversing over all floors. The pneumatic adjustment must help you in adjusting your chair as per your your comfort.

    You can get such chairs at a budget price with guaranteed comfort. The factors really helped in buying a perfect Ergonomic chair for. I would definitely share this article with my friends.

  7. Bernard Clyde Reply

    I agree that you should make sure your office furniture functionally meets your needs. We spend a lot of time in the office at work. If our desk does not accommodate our many actions as we are at work, we could hurt our productivity due to discomfort.

  8. Alexanderyme Reply

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  9. Hannah Neilson Reply

    The cost of office furniture is a really important tip to remember. I agree that you would want to consider your overall budget before choosing what to get. My sister’s work is considering getting new furniture, so maybe they’ll have to consider the overall cost.

  10. Gary Puntman Reply

    I would love to get new furniture for my home office. I definitely want to make sure I find furniture that will be functional, but comfortable. There will be a balance between the two, like you mentioned.

  11. Sariah Meagle Reply

    I do agree that I have to assess the costs when buying an office filing system as you mentioned so that I can store many documents without overspending on unnecessary features. Since the needs of the company also need to be assessed as you pointed out, I’ll try to look for furniture that is mostly functional but still looks fashionable. I also believe that the aesthetic value of the brand identity matters somehow as you pointed out in order for us to impress our customers so I’ll take this into consideration when buying a new set of filing systems for our new office.

  12. Jenna Hunter Reply

    It was interesting to learn that you shouldn’t overlook cleanliness when buying office supplies. I can imagine that it could be really nice for a business to have good office supplies. It could be really nice for them to be able to purchase them from a professional.

  13. Jay Jorgenson Reply

    My friend is decorating his office. It’s best to buy furniture that won’t take up all your office’s space. Thank you for the advice. I’ll recommend my friend to contact a furniture shop and purchase what matches with his office.

  14. Sophia Slate Reply

    Thank you for stating you need to take flexibility and functionality into consideration when getting office furniture. My husband and I just bought a house with an office for me, and I need to furnish it. I will definitely keep all of your great tips and information in mind when trying to buy the perfect furniture for my office.

  15. Azim Reply

    I would really like to get new fixtures for my domestic workplace. I surely want to make certain I find out fixtures on the way to be practical, however cozy. There may be a stability maximum of the two, in conjunction with you mentioned.

  16. Azim Reply

    The value of workplace furniture is a virtually crucial tip to endure in mind. I agree that you might need to keep in mind your normal finances earlier than deciding on what to get.

  17. David Johnson Reply

    Thanks for explaining that chairs and desks are what employees will be at most of the day. My friend is starting a business from home, so he’ll be working long hours. He’ll have to find the right home office furniture.

  18. Rahul Ghosh Reply

    The blog post is really helpful. The points covered in the blog are really important when it comes to buying office furniture. I recently ordered a few modular office furniture as my office is situated in Bangalore. I ordered a few workstations, chairs, lockers & storage cubes from, which is the best marketplace for workplace furniture. I think you should try once for your office furniture.

  19. Jamie Reply

    Awesome post! Look at Ergonomic Needs. Employees will be sitting and working most of the day, so great consideration on comfort is really important. Provide comfortable chair and desk is a must! Love your work.

  20. Kate Hansen Reply

    It’s good to consider how many pieces of that furniture you will get! My brother is planning on opening up his own business in a couple of weeks, and the last thing he needs to do is find furniture for all of the rooms. I’ll make sure to pass these tips along to him so that he can know more information about finding the right furniture for his office.

  21. Megan Alder Reply

    I like how you highlighted the importance of making sure you know your office’s, and employee’s needs to be able to buy the right furniture. A future co-owner and I have been planning our future business, and we’re looking for advice to buy the right furniture. I will definitely follow all your recommendations, especially, when you talked about caring about everyone’s needs.

  22. office interior Reply

    Very informative post! This post gives truly quality information. I am already done it and find that this post is really amazing. Thank you for this brief explanation and very nice information.

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