Hacker-proof: Tips to protect your online business

It is the one thing you hope never happens, but it is something that will inevitably occur. At some point in the future, your online business will be the object of fascination for an online hacker or a phishing scam. When this occurs, your personal information, your clients’ information and the monetary assets that you have invested in the online business will be at risk.

Below is a list of key precautions to take in order to protect your online business from hackers and online scams, and ensure that your assets and information are safe.

Back-up all company databases daily

Hacker-proof: Tips to protect your online business
A large number of online hackers have petty and malicious intent. Rather than attempting to steal information, on occasion hackers are known to simply hack a server and then delete a company’s sensitive information. To ensure that – if this occurs – your information is still protected by backing up your company databases on a daily basis. This can be done by copying all of the company details and sensitive information onto large external hard drives, which can be easily moved off-site.

Protect information with passwords

Hacker-proof: Tips to protect your online business
An obvious precaution, but one that can be mismanaged. In order for passwords to actually protect information, you need to make sure that the password you choose can not be guessed. This rules out using passwords such as: “123456”, “password”, and “qwerty”. Utilise lengthy and uniquely personal passwords that hackers will find to be impossible to guess. Password, if used correctly, can be effective in protecting legal files software or important financial details.

Limit access to sensitive information

Hacker-proof: Tips to protect your online business

Limit employee access to your online business’s sensitive information. Access should only be granted to those who need it in the company. This is a great way of tracking who has access to certain information at the company, and limiting the potential of information getting into the wrong hands.

Encryption codes

Hacker-proof: Tips to protect your online business
The most effect means of protecting your online business from security breaches. Encrypt important company data into secret code, which will mean that only those with the correct cipher key can read it. Encryption can ensure that, even if there is a breach in your online security, a hacker will be unable to read sensitive information as they do not have a cipher key to decrypt the aforementioned information.

Purchase the latest and most comprehensive security software

Hacker-proof: Tips to protect your online business
When it comes to the protection of your online business from malicious hackers, money should be no object. Comprehensive business security software subscriptions can be extremely expensive, but they are undoubtedly worth the large monetary outlay. Security software like Bitdefender can provide a business with comprehensive, almost full-proof online security. Analyze the benefits of a number of security software in order to decide which one will best suit your company’s needs. Look for software which offers: email scanning, protection from malware, social network protection, messaging protection, and most importantly, an effective Firewall.

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