How Atlanta Businesses Can Connect with Others

What are the most important components of running a successful business in Atlanta. Some say it comes down to location, location, location, but in this world where so many businesses are online in addition to having physical locations is that really the solution? Many businesses find the one thing which really helps them succeed is the connections they have made with others. In the end no matter what type of business you have in Atlanta it may be said to come down to connections, connections, connections. There are many ways a business can develop these much needed connections.

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  • Connecting with Customers
  • As a business it is important that you make sure you are able to connect with and respond to your customers. Without customers you do not have a business and you will not last long before closing. There are many components that make up this connection to customers from making sure your data is organized using a Cloud MDM, to having a good customer management system, to having meaningful content for a blog or social media presence. Customers want to know exactly what your business offers and what they can expect when shopping with you. The better you are able to respond to your customers and make them feel seen and heard, the greater profits you will see. If customers feel connected to your business they will stay loyal for years to come.

  • Connecting to the Wider Community
  • A successful business has to understand their role in their wider community. This can be as simple as understanding who your key competitors are or having a clear understanding of what makes your business stand out from the crowd. This can also involve seeing how your business connects with others in order to help create livable centers where people are able to access what you are selling. Sometimes something such as creating a spot for people to sit outside your business or adding a ramp can make your business more accessible and therefore encourage more people to stop on by and buy what you are selling. No business stands alone and if you are able to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome you will find that you have better sales.

  • Connecting to Other Organizations
  • There are many ways that your businesses can connect to other local organizations and create win-win situations. For example you might choose to have a volunteer day, sponsor a local sports team or event, or create partnerships with other organizations. These actions mean that when people go I need a business that does x, they may go, lets try out the one that sponsors the art walk or my child’s sports league. On the other hand you might choose to focus on mentorship or other leadership building in the community. For other businesses partnerships with other businesses (especially with minority led businesses), such as a deal on dinner if someone is going to the theater, is a great way to get your business in front of more people.

    These types of partnerships can be facilitated by your local chamber of commerce. For example some chambers of commerce have programs where if individuals spend a certain amount at local businesses they can be put into a raffle. Others host soup or cookie walks where local businesses serve food from local restaurants to guests, in order to get people inside the businesses doors and help support a wide range of local restaurants at the same time. The deeper your roots go in the community the more likely that locals will come out and support your business. Investing in local connections always pays back dividends for your business.

Right now is challenging for many businesses because the economic climate is so challenging. For businesses who want to thrive right now and continue to grow it comes down to putting in the time, effort, and resources needed to build connections with customers, with the wider community, and with other businesses. In the end a business will succeed or fail based on the quality of their connections with others. If you are a business in Atlanta what steps are you taking in order to thrive, help your wider community, help those who depend on that community, and build a better Atlanta today?

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