How Call Center Services Help The e-Commerce Sector


In 1979, the first online shopping system was pioneered by Michael Aldrich. It then started a new concept known as e-Commerce or Electronic Commerce. But it wasn’t until 1996 when IndiaMart B2B marketplace was established in India that made the concept became fully functional.

Currently, the net worth of e-commerce trade is approximately $22.1 trillion globally with $150 billion worth of market outsourced to India alone and still rising as we speak.

What makes e-commerce such a lucrative business concept? Several factors contribute to its success –  but if you ask, what serves as the backbone of e-commerce trade? The answer is simple- Call Center Services.

Call center services serve as a connection between buyer and seller. By handling the queries of customers, offering them support and informing them of new products and services, call centers provide the much needed personal touch compared to an automated environment.

This is one of the many benefits a call center has to offer in the e-commerce sector. Enumerated below are other equally important points to enlighten you of its benefits in case your business belongs to this sector.



  • Outsourcing or hiring a call center service offers support for multiple channels be it telecalling, emailing, live chatting or managing social media. So if you own a business online, Call Center Services can solve all your problems by handling every channel on one single platform for you.


  • Unlike real shops, online stores have no opening or closing time which means your shop will be open 24/7. You can lose a potential customer if he faces a problem in the middle of night purchasing any item and you are unable to assist him. Call centers provide round the clock support to your customers ensuring you never miss out any potential buyer.


  • Another advantage of Outsourcing your telecalling Service is its adjustable nature. It is flexible enough to accommodate anything from a few calls on a slow day to heavy rush on busy days esp. busy days when your outsourcing firm can hire temporary workers to accommodate your needs (to handle the influx of calls) allowing your business to run smoothly.


  • The best way a call center service can help you is by providing your customers with quality customer care support via professionals with years of experience, saving you the trouble of hiring and training the staff yourself which is a costly and time taking process. Never underestimate the power of having experts by your side working shoulder to shoulder to take your business to the top.


  • By allowing an efficient outsourcing firm to handle all your customer support services is one less thing for you to worry about, thus allowing you with a peace of mind to focus on more important things related to your business such as marketing, accounts, engineering, sales, analytics, data mining etc.

Call center services play a significant role in E-Commerce trade.  It can have an impact in delivering quality services and products of your business. Thus, the decision to choose an outsourcing firm needs careful selection and proven records.

During the past few years, Indian outsourcing companies have turned out to be the first choice of many e-commerce giants such as Amazon, eBay for outsourcing its customer care services. Are you ready to join them?

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