How Can Co-Managed IT Help Your Company?

Information technology (IT) is the backbone of any business growth. It involves using computer systems, applications, software, and other automated tools to share information with employees and other stakeholders. This is especially true in modern days where businesses take operations online. Therefore, having an IT department can help create a sustainable business venture.

While some business owners prefer working with internal IT workers, others go for external experts like Verticomm, which ensures 24/7 tech support for businesses.. Although any of these strategies can help grow your business, you can reap more benefits by having internal staff and external professionals in the mix. That’s where co-managed IT services come in.

This article walks you through why your business needs co-managed IT. You’ll also learn how you can find the right service provider. But before that, you may want first to have its definition. Read on to get enlightened.

Co-Managed IT Defined

As the name suggests, co-managed IT is a model or strategy that allows business owners to work with in-house employees and hire service providers simultaneously. It allows companies to blend their internal IT workers with the knowledge and support of third-party professionals.

You can keep some computing services in-house and outsource the rest. Co-managed IT services are more applicable when faced with time and other resource constraints.

How Can Co-Managed IT Help Your Company?

Why Your Business Needs Co-Managed IT Services

There are numerous benefits your business would accrue by adopting the co-managed IT service model. Some of the most important ones include:

  • Minimized Cost

Minimizing costs is perhaps one of the most effective approaches to growing your firm quickly. It helps increase profits and enhance retained earnings which you can use for future business growth and expansion. Your business might not succeed with increased costs.

One of the major areas that attract a lot of costs is labor expense. This includes salaries, bonuses, commissions, and allowances.

Although a co-managed IT arrangement allows you to have permanent workers, you won’t need many of them. A few of them will be enough to partner with external professionals.

Therefore, a co-managed IT strategy helps eliminate hiring an entire in-house team. This helps keep your labor expenses at a minimum.

  • Enhanced Cybersecurity

With the increase in online attacks, you constantly need to ensure your business systems are secure. You can suffer financial losses when your company’s data gets stolen or compromised. To some extent, you can even lose your business.

Your internal IT team can help enhance your cybersecurity strategies. However, you can’t rely on them 24/7/365. They may want to take some time off work, apply for annual leave, go for sick-offs, or attend other emergencies. That’s why you need a co-managed IT strategy.

With co-managed IT, your business system will always remain secure. Most managed IT service providers are experienced in data security. They’ll take care of your networks and data in general, especially when your permanent workers aren’t available.

  • Quicker Adoption Of Latest Technologies

To accelerate your company’s growth, you must continuously adopt new technologies and trends. Most of the latest strategies will allow you to streamline your business operations. Having the latest technologies is one of the best ways to maximize returns with fewer resources.

In most cases, the internal IT team may lack adequate knowledge to bring the latest technologies into your business. This causes your company to remain behind modern technologies. For that reason, you can consider seeking help from a co-managed IT company.

Most co-managed IT firms are also experts in technology. They’ll advise you on the best strategies to implement and support the growth of your business.

  • Reduced Downtimes

Running an online business gives you the flexibility to engage with workers and customers from anywhere and at any time. You can achieve that only by utilizing computer software or systems.

From time to time, some of your business systems may malfunction. This increases downtime, thus affecting your workers’ productivity.
Online attacks are another thing that can increase your business downtime. You can’t effectively compete in the market with many unplanned downtimes.

A co-managed IT model is one of the best ways to minimize these. The outsourced company will also provide technical support remotely to ensure any problem is quickly addressed to minimize downtime.

  • Continuous Workers Training And Development

As explained earlier, the world of information technology is moving faster. New trends and strategies are invented daily. You need to make sure your IT workers cope with these new changes.

Implementing a co-managed IT model is the best way to ensure your IT employees remain on their toes. The service provider will continuously train and develop your internal workers to remain ahead of trends.

  • Finding A Suitable Co-Managed IT Service Provider

As seen in the previous section, there are many reasons why your business needs a co-managed IT strategy. However, you must work with a suitable partner.

Here are important tips for selecting a co-managed IT service provider:

Find A Company With Better Communication Method

Communication will play a significant role in your co-managed IT model. Your internal workers must always keep in touch with the outsourced company. That’s why you need a firm with a better communication method.

As a rule of thumb, the selected IT company must be using modern communication methods that support live chats. This helps pass information in real-time or without delay.

How Can Co-Managed IT Help Your Company?

  • Hire An Experienced Partner

The success of your business will significantly depend on the experience of outsourced managed IT services. Make sure you spot an experienced partner.

The best way to get a clue about a company’s experience is by visiting its website to see the incorporation date. A firm with many years in the market can have enough years of experience to handle your IT functions. Apart from the IT company itself, it’d also be good to see that the team assigned to your business is experienced.

  • Choose A Service Provider With Reasonable Pricing

There are several co-managed IT service providers out there. And their pricing may significantly differ.

Note that there’s no uniform way of charging for professional services. While most IT companies charge reasonable fees, others are too high. Make sure you find a company with reasonable pricing. In other words, the quality of services should be in direct proportion to the charges.


Having a working IT department is the best way to run a successful business. It ensures information is internally and externally exchanged with ease.

A co-managed IT model is the best way to manage your business computing system. This involves having internal employees work closely with an outsourced IT firm.

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