How Face Recognition Technology Improves HR Processes

It’s almost unthinkable that technology can now take over some of the most human functions in the business world.

Facial recognition, among others, has been a game-changer in many areas for companies, especially for human resources (HR) departments. But how does it work? The program will recognize a person’s facial features and transform this analog data into digital data before verification takes place. If the elements on file and the features captured by the system match, further analysis isn’t needed.

For any deviations compared to the baseline data, the system will analyze the data further to find the best result before making suggestions. It may sound very technical and complicated, but in the end, the technology improves many of the HR processes for a particular firm. Continue reading to learn more about how face recognition can be helpful for your business organization.

How Face Recognition Technology Improves HR Processes

Improved Clocking Mechanisms

Employees have always found clocking systems cumbersome and annoying, but these opinions may vary when companies change to face recognition clocking in systems. The ease of recording the clock in time with this new type of system makes everything easier for the HR department and staff.

In the past, workers could beat the clock by having their coworkers clock in for them or, in other ingenious ways, add more hours to their day. Manipulating the books is no longer possible with the facial recognition method. If the system doesn’t recognize the person attempting to clock in, they can’t log in and their attempt isn’t recognized.

Candidate Screening Becomes More Accurate

The software with facial recognition has a feature for accurately interpreting feelings and emotions. With this added extra, the HR department can screen potential candidates that apply for positions at the company.

Feelings and emotions are visible through facial expressions, and it’s something all people subconsciously notice when talking to each other. Through these expressions, the personality and character of a person become visible.

HR professionals may sometimes miss small nuances while doing an interview, yet the software works faster than human cognition. The facial recognition would pick up the slightest changes alerting the HR team member of the fluctuations. Armed with this information, the company can sift through candidates and decide if the person would be a good fit.

Scan Team Morale And Productivity

With the same software for interpreting expressions, the company can monitor the morale and productivity of the current team. The facial recognition system records the negative facial expressions of each person and the HR department can then address any issues surrounding these negativities.

Everyone knows that happy employees are more productive, so, ensuring that the environment is kept relatively positive will be good for the morale and increase the efficiency of workers in the office.

The HR department can use facial recognition to determine the number of times employees go in and out of the office. The software accumulates a record of the movements employees make in the office. The movement patterns give the HR department a good idea of who is loitering and can see those putting in the effort.

When the company becomes aware of staff members constantly being under pressure, they can find new ways of improving the work environment. Luckily, the system records the recognition of stress expressions on the face and would notify the HR department to give attention to it.

Better Security On The Premises

If corporations fit the access systems to the office with facial recognition at entrances and the restricted areas around the premises, they can improve their security measures. In both instances, the facial recognition software will determine which individual has access to and who doesn’t by scanning their facial features at the entrance.

If the face at the door doesn’t match the system’s features on file and doesn’t have security clearance for this area, the system will not grant access. For HR departments, this is good news as previously, they may have controlled it manually.

The digital way of verification saves time and effort for team members and HR, who needs to check the records of people accessing sensitive information. The facial recognition system can flag irregularities immediately instead of delaying the verification checks through manual labor.

Accessing All The Variables

When considering the benefits of a face recognition system for the HR department, it isn’t complicated to realize why many companies have started to add this new technology to their operations.

Businesses, especially their HR departments, are always looking for ways to improve their systems and methods. Adding the latest facial recognition software to their daily tasks cuts time and effort in half. The HR professionals have more critical issues to focus on, and it feels great to leave the sifting and sorting of all the variables to a system designed to do just that.

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