How Office Lighting Affects Your Team’s Productivity

Quite often, it’s the simple things that can make a world of difference. Re-evaluating your office lighting could be the key to drawing out your team’s full potential, encouraging them to exceed expectations, and allowing them to deliver outstanding outputs. Moreover, the benefits it brings and its relatively low cost can make this one undertaking your business can quickly implement.

Ultimately, discussing with local contractors or with experts like Bay Power can help mold your office into its most effective and efficient design yet.

So, whether you’re running a new company designing your first office space or you’re a manager wishing to breathe some new life into an older workplace site, here are some of the best ways lighting positively affects your team’s productivity:

How Office Lighting Affects Your Team’s Productivity

Boosts Your Team’s Focus

Although through covert means, lighting is known to affect your brain’s ability to focus significantly. As such, considering adaptive lighting for your office can help ensure team productivity no matter what time of the day.

Hence, selecting the right light color temperature regarding the time of day comes into focus. Color temperature is defined as describing light’s appearance from a light bulb. Furthermore, the degrees of Kelvin (K) measures the temperature and can fall anywhere between a scale of 1,000 to 10,000.

It’s believed that opting for lighting that falls within the range of 4,600K to more is best for improving workplace personnel focus. Otherwise known as cool lighting, employees working under this type of lighting have increased alertness and concentration. What’s more, they’re also regarded as making fewer mistakes with repetitive tasks.

This makes cool lighting perfect for brainstorming rooms, late shifts, and overtime. Providing access to this lighting is essential for those working without natural light. Plus, it can be a significant advantage for keeping their minds on track during crucial tasks.

Helps Teams To Cooldown

While boosting brainpower is an excellent benefit of lighting, it’s not the only essential effect it has.

Creating a relaxing and calming environment is also an invaluable asset for any office space to acquire.

In this scenario, warm lighting will be the key to achieving the best atmosphere for cooling down. Warm lighting is often described as soft, soothing, and inviting. Additionally, it invokes feelings of sitting around a campfire. Overall, this means choosing lights with a color temperature ranging from 1,00K to 3,000K.

Providing a place for team members to relax can be essential for long-term productivity. Firstly, it allows them to get into the proper mindset to make the most of their breaks truly. It also subconsciously affects their perspective when exposed to cool versus warm lighting.
In addition, these benefits can also extend to potential customers and business partners. Exposure to warm light can invoke feelings of trust and comfort. As such, lighting can be enough to influence business transactions positively.

Utilizing relaxing indoor lighting in your office’s breakrooms, bathrooms, and reception area does more than light up the spaces they’re installed. It can be a simple yet effective method of promoting relaxation and positivity within those exposed to it. In the end, all it takes to find a coolheaded team member is a little help and some good lighting.

Promotes Overall Health

While promoting your team members’ mental health is achievable through the proper use of lights, the physical benefits also come equally. Overall, investing in your office space’s lighting can lead to better overall health for anyone working there.

Some common physical conditions experienced by office workers include the following:

  • Headache and migraine;
  • Body aches; and
  • Nausea.

Although many other factors can be considered, poor lighting can still significantly affect your team members’ health. Further, exposure to computer screens for hours at a time can also quickly wear down a person’s stamina at work.

Worry not for simple measures can help avoid increasing rates of time off due to illness. For example, opting for natural lighting wherever and whenever possible can provide your team members with some much-needed vitamin D.

Another option you can do is allow for different lighting options at other times of the day. Going the extra mile here can boost team members’ work later in the day. All in all, the cost of promoting everyone’s health is much more agreeable than the losses incurred due to sickness.


Good lighting does way more than making your business look good. It can also be the key to a productive office. A healthy team member is one that you can rely on. Meanwhile, providing them with the space and tools to relax ensures your company’s longevity. In the end, focusing your efforts on these factors can be the best feature of a highly sought-after workplace.

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