Are You Planning an Event? Here’s How to Choose the Correct AV Equipment You Need

Any event planner knows that one of the most critical aspects of any event is the audio-visual equipment. Without the proper AV equipment, a lot of things can go wrong, and the ultimate message you would like to impart at your event may well be lost. Seamlessly planning an event is easy enough if you know what you have to do, but not many of us are experts when it comes to audio-visual equipment and other technicalities, and this is where it may be easy to make some crucial mistakes. So are you planning an event? Here’s how you can properly choose the correct AV equipment you really need. 

Are You Planning an Event? Here’s How to Choose the Correct AV Equipment You Need

The soundboard or mixer 

A soundboard or mixer is necessary if you are using more than a single mic for your event, and it’s useful for balancing sound, controlling feedback, and adjusting volume levels. These consoles can both control and manipulate audio signals prior to having them routed to the speakers, so your audio-visual team will have to know beforehand the number of speakers you need for your microphones. If you have an audience and your event includes questions from the audience, then you will need a soundboard or mixer with ample channels as well. 

The microphones 

Microphones are essential, of course, and this may be the first AV equipment you have in mind. But before you choose these, you need to determine their purpose and whether or not they will be fixed or movable. If only a single speaker requires a microphone and they will be standing at a podium, you may opt for a wired one. But if they will take audience questions, it’s better to go for a handheld and wireless microphone so they can move freely. If someone is doing a presentation and they need their hands free, you can opt for a lavalier, which can easily clip onto clothing or an earpiece. 

The projector/s

Needless to say, projectors are also a necessity at many events, and the kind you choose will depend on the kind of event you are having. For instance, if you are planning to show videos or presentations, you will need a certain kind of projector. If you have to stream an interview or speech, a different projector will be required for this as well. If you are having presentations, you will need a brighter one for better visibility. For streaming, a rear screen projector may be ideal because it can offer higher-quality visuals, as confirmed by AV hire and equipment specialists.


Screens have also become quite a necessity at many events, but for this, you need to consider the aspect ratio. This is essentially the ratio that exists between the height and width of a particular screen. There are ratios that are commonly used, such as 16:9, and this is for widescreens or high definition screens. 4:3 is another common ratio for standard screens. Nowadays, however, widescreens are more popular, so make sure that your speakers submit slides which can fit the 16:9 ratio. This can be an issue when speakers produce and create their presentations themselves, so let them know that they need to format their presentations to fit the screen. 

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