How to Convince Clients You’re a Tax Expert

If only we live in a world where we all accept what we say to each other, right? So if we say that we are neurosurgeons who are tasked with going to space, then maybe people will believe that. But the reality is that even though what you’re claiming is correct and even though you are credible, you still have to prove yourself again and again. Such is the business of selling your profession if you are a tax preparer, bookkeeper, or accountant.

Businesses and individuals—virtually anyone who files taxes—all need someone to prepare their taxes for them. In a way, the market is vast and varied when it comes to targeting new clients for your tax business. The only problem is with so many of you offering the same services, how will you separate yourself by convincing potential clients you have the best credentials?

How to Convince Clients You’re a Tax Expert

Be Witty, Funny, and Entertaining

Taxes are serious business. It is, in fact, so stressful that taxpayers would rather pay $150 or more to do something that they can learn if they only take the time. So instead of being formal when you meet clients, why don’t you try to be warm and energetic and full of life? Of course, that does not mean you should be funny to the point that clients do not take you seriously anymore, but you can be engaging and entertaining, so they feel at ease with you.

Most businesses and professionals do not realize that the primary objective when meeting clients is to make them feel like they can tell you everything. That will make a huge difference in your business because who does not want to work with someone fun and witty? That kind of personality resonates with everyone.
Show That You Are Using Technology

What’s a business without a bit of technology? You want to show your future clients that you are maximizing every tool and app available to you. One of the most important tools that you can use as a tax preparer is excellent professional tax software. This does not only make the job easier for you, but it will also show clients that you are investing in making sure they get the best service imaginable.

Even in communicating with them, make sure that you are investing in encrypted messaging platforms and software. This will put their worries at ease since no one wants their tax data to fall into the wrong hands. Give them password-protected access to a cloud storage facility where you will upload their tax forms and other documents.

Dazzle Them with Your Credentials

Tax preparers do not need to be accountants. They don’t even need degrees. In other states, tax preparers are not certifiable professions. There are no required licenses if you want to be a tax preparer. But it pays to make sure that you have taken proper courses, classes, and even seminars to improve what you know about preparing taxes.

Whatever skills and additional knowledge you have, make sure to discuss this in your proposal. Far too many professionals forget to sell themselves and what they can do. They expect people to take one look at them and see how skilled they are in a certain task. But when you are trying to compete with hundreds of tax preparers, you have to separate yourself using your credentials.

Do Not Be Greedy

Sure, you already have a steady stream of clients. That makes you think you can charge double the average price of most tax preparers. But while others may be alright paying you that fee, you will step on someone’s shoes for sure. Some of your potential clients might see you as greedy, which will not bode well when trying to establish yourself.

That’s not to say that you cannot charge the rate you think you deserve but do not be overboard. Learn the average tax preparer fee in your area and work your way from there. Are you offering additional services aside from preparing their taxes? If you do, then that is enough reason for you to increase your charges.

There are a lot of individuals and businesses looking for a tax expert who can help them deal with their business. You are going to have to compete with many other people for every client you set your eyes on. If you learn how to separate yourself, then you have a better chance of improving your client base, attracting from other industries, and even expanding your services to other areas.

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