How To Improve Your Conversion Rate With Ease

Traffic, traffic, traffic! Everyone seems to be obsessed with getting as many people viewing their site as possible. The thing is, views aren’t everything. While you may get some decent ad revenue through traffic, you’re hardly going to make a lot of money if everyone is just looking at not committing to something that brings in the cash.

Instead of being obsessed with gaining traffic, be obsessed with turning your traffic into customers.

Ideas To Help Improve Your Conversion Rate, Gain More Customers, And Make More Money

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Track Your Conversions

Tracking your conversions is the number one way to improve your conversion rate. It’s so simple, if you can see what’s converting people the most, you can work on putting more effort into that and designing your site around the top converter. Or, you can look at the things that are lacking and make a decision on how you can improve them or just not bother with that method. There are loads of ways to track conversions, but if you don’t know the nuances, I’m sure you can find a search engine marketing agency to help you. No matter how you track, just make sure you do as it will help you unleash your potential and convert even more traffic into paying customers.

Include Obvious Calls To Action

One of the reasons you might struggle to convert is down to the fact your site doesn’t really encourage people to do anything. You may just have page upon page of information or stuff that doesn’t really entice them into doing what you want. You need obvious calls to action, get the viewers involved and tell them what they should do. Lay down some clear benefits of your products/services and then tell them to buy it now or register their details, etc. Without a call to action, how will you get action? It’s such a simple thing, but it makes the world of difference to your conversion rates.

Target The Right Traffic

Finally, you need to make sure you’re targeting the right traffic. If you’re not, then you’re going to struggle to convert. You need to bring in traffic that’s interested in what you offer before they even arrive onto your site. To do this, you need to work on your keywords and ensure you use the ones most relevant to you. Also, you need to look at your PPC marketing strategy and see if you’re bidding on the right adverts in the right places. What’s the point in bidding on ads to be placed on a fitness website if your company sells sweets and chocolates? That’s just an example, but you can see how you’re targeting an irrelevant audience, and it’s harder to gain relevant traffic. With the right traffic, you have more chance of converting them to customers as they’re interested in you already.

Follow these three quick and easy tips, and you will see an improvement in your conversion rate. Now, all that traffic you bring in will be more beneficial as they’re more likely to become customers.

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