How to Keep Yourself Happy When Your Office Is Your Home

Many people around the world have been getting used to working from home offices since the tragic COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying lockdowns forced lots of businesses to alter their operations. Although working remotely may at first have seemed quite appealing, workers soon woke up to the fact that it’s pretty challenging in various ways.

One of the hardest things to do is maintain a positive mindset. However, there are some great ways of ensuring you stay happy.

Productive Things to do While at Home or in Quarantine


Exercise Regularly

Exercise is known to be good for mental health by reducing anxiety, negative moods, and depression, and improving cognitive function, self-esteem, and social withdrawal. So, it’s essential you regularly exercise to maintain your happiness and state of calmness, especially when you’re stuck at home. Without having to travel to work each day and spending your day on your feet and, instead spending your workday sitting at a computer, your level of fitness can soon diminish. In turn, that means your mental health and happiness can suffer. Just because you’re not going to a physical workplace and your local gyms may be closed due to the pandemic, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit.

We know how crucial exercise is in our daily routines, especially for people who spend most of their days in front of the computer. After all, sitting with the computer’s glare on your eyes for a good 8 hours won’t do good for your health.

We know that it’s tough to dedicate time to exercise while working. But these easy-to-do workouts can help in the matter, and you also won’t need much assistance from equipment!

There are plenty of options available. For instance, you could buy a treadmill for your home so you can easily spend time running each day. Even if you don’t have a lot of space at home, there are compact treadmills available that fit into small spaces. Other exercise options include doing exercises via workout videos, or doing something more fun, like learning salsa through an online course. 

Create a Schedule

When working from home, it’s easy to gradually fall into the trap of working when you feel like it. You may be tempted to have an extra hour in bed in the morning or you could pick up your laptop to do ten minutes’ work in the evening and find yourself spending an hour or two dealing with work issues. But working irregular hours every day will not benefit your happiness. And you’ll struggle to cope if you’re thrown back into a normal office environment like the old days, where you have to arrive and leave at precise times. Therefore, you should stick to a schedule when your office is your home.

You’ll be happier and avoid going stir crazy if you get up at the same time each day, shower and dress, and have regular breaks and meals. You might be surprised at just how much having a routine that you stick to can improve your wellbeing and happiness during these challenging times. 

Communicate with Friends and Family Regularly

 When you first start working from home, you might think it’s a good thing that you don’t have to speak to colleagues you normally try to avoid at the office. But with fewer in-person social interactions, you’ll soon find that you’re missing the people that used to fill your days. Human beings need to be around people to stay happy. So, when you’re working from home, and regardless of whether you live with others or not, it’s essential you take the time to communicate with other people on a daily basis.

You could speak to friends and family via the internet or you could simply pick up the phone for a chat. Don’t allow home working and local lockdowns to disconnect you from being sociable. The more you speak to your loved ones regularly, the more you will keep yourself happy.

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