How to Use Real Estate Video Marketing To Sell More Property

In the digital environment, all markets can get the upper hand from adopting the right content strategy, as this would help you reach your target audience and achieve your goals. It is the sole reason why it has become imperative to include video marketing today to sell more property. You will be amazed to know that video marketing receives more inquiries than those using other marketing strategies. 

Video is a powerful source and has become a prevalent tool in every marketer’s belt but is still underutilized in some sectors or businesses. As per research, 37% of the people say they follow effective video marketing strategies, 27% say that they don’t, while the remaining individuals do not use video for marketing their products/services currently, but they hope to do it soon. 

Making a wise decision by investing in video marketing can give you an edge over your competitors, plus increase conversions tremendously.

How to Use Real Estate Video Marketing To Sell More Property

What is real estate video marketing?

It is a strategy that focuses on using videos to promote businesses within the real estate market, either by increasing the agency’s visibility or by showing suitable properties to the appropriate customers. 

How to use real estate video marketing to sell more property?

This is one question that must be revolving around your head! No need to worry; after reading the benefits mentioned below, you will know what you have missed till now. Here are some of the best real estate video ideas-

1) Cold outreach videos- The first thing required for building customer connection is establishing trust by sending video introductions. It might seem unusual, but they are a great way to draw the customers’ attention as it is an excellent opportunity to build rapport. When you are communicating with a new client, videos can aid in getting an edge over your competitors; furthermore, if you match that with analytical data for your seller, you become invincible. 

A well-made video can help to increase brand awareness and recognition within your industry and better target your potential customers or consumers. Many explainer video production companies specialize in creating engaging videos that present what a business does and why customers should care. In addition to increasing brand awareness, these videos can also be used to generate leads and drive sales.

2) Social media videos- Many social media networks enable users to post videos on company pages, so why not take advantage of them. You can witness astounding results once you start posting real estate videos on social media. It will help you attract various individuals who begin their search or advertise a property. This way, you would be easily able to highlight your property and use the sponsored content to reach your target customers.  

3) Testimonials- Make real estate videos featuring your customer testimonials as it is an excellent method to build trust and credibility with your audience. Remember that your video should not be too flashy, keep it simple and show different customers talking about their experience with you organically. A survey found that 79% of people have watched a testimonial video, and 37% believe they’re more accurate than a business’ own pitch. 

4) Educational content- Teach your buyers how to close a deal and make purchasing easier. It has been perceived that most people prefer learning by watching a video rather than reading content. In real estate as well, whether you are into buying, selling, or renting, if you are a newbie, everything might seem challenging, and this is where educational videos help you sail your boat. These videos facilitate customers to make better and quick decisions, plus increase trust with the agency. You can post videos like 100 home buying tips for first-time buyers, correct credit report issues, etc.  

5) Neighborhood video tours- It is unnecessary to only talk about your property in every video; it becomes uninteresting. In fact, you can increase buyers’ interest by showing the viewers your neighborhoods’ locality, where they are located.  You can take pictures or videos on a weekday to show the hustle-bustle of the food truck court, commuters, and how busy or peaceful the area is. If it is a residential property, you can show the playground, kids playing there, people enjoying the sun, school nearby, etc. The benefit behind doing this is that people are always curious to know about the locality/outside area as much as they are interested in looking inside the community.  

6) Property listing/visual tour- Various real estate agencies presume virtual listings to be the industry’s future. You can also create a video tour that will help buyers know about the place they would be living in and convince them what more they can expect apart from the beautiful property they are purchasing. These videos are easy to shoot and help you quickly reach potential buyers. You can create a high-quality virtual tour video that you want to post on the listing page, plus you can also record personal tours to provide a robust impact on the viewers. 

7) Video marketing- You should make real estate videos to attract more buyers and persuade them to take the next action. You can create different videos such as live videos, ask me anything videos, property contract walkthrough videos, etc. Producing these videos will facilitate creating a personal touch with your customers and build credibility, which is essential for selling your products. 

How to make a real estate video that sells?

a) Create a plan- If you are making a professional video for the first time, it might seem tough. Therefore, the first thing you should do is create a plan. Determine the type of video you want to make, for example, educational, promo, listing, interview videos. In the beginning, the more planning you do, the easier it would be for you to create the video.

b) Use the right equipment- You can create videos with a smartphone or different editing apps. However, when creating a professional video, you should prefer to use a DSLR camera or mirrorless equivalent. You can make a list of the tools required, such as camera, lights, lens, microphone, etc., and opt for all of them to provide your viewers an impeccable user experience while watching your video.

c) Select the right channel- There are numerous ways to reach out to your target audience within the real estate industry when using video marketing. Thus, you should do comprehensive research and make the right decision while selecting the channel where you want to publish the video and promote a real estate marketing campaign.

Cut Short

Create dynamic videos using online video editors and the tips mentioned above. They can help you reach out to massive audiences, which would increase the conversion rate, and hence, sales.

Good Luck!

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