How You Can Use the Media to Build Your Brand

Successful brands are always running an endless marathon that aims to use the media for their own success. Marketing and advertising both play key roles in building brand awareness. Booming brands use either traditional or new media, to reach out and connect with their customers. Brands owners use the media as a platform to convey an image of how they want their brand to be perceived not only by the customers but by the public at large.

Marketing methods vary according to the product and the audience targeted. And you should know that because a particular marketing method that worked during a previous branding campaign, wouldn’t necessarily mean it will be effective today. Thus, begins the battle between traditional media and the new-age media.

To be cutting edge as a brand, you need to have full awareness of the methods you can use to build your brand name and reputation. In a broader sense, there are three basic types of media used by entrepreneurs and brand owners to market themselves and create awareness about their brand. It is essential to study how different types of communication mediums might affect your brand name, what works and what doesn’t and which media platform is best to use for your trademark.

Building A Brand Using Print Media

Print media come in all shapes and sizes. They range from huge billboards to tiny coupons. Most of the time, you would be sending a message out to your potential clients and hoping they are reading the print. The most common forms of print media are newspapers and magazines.

Regardless of whichever print media method you chose to use to market for your brand, there are some key principles that need to be applied. Print marketing materials must be consistent in the use of a logo, typography, colors, images, and fonts.

Customers perceive with their eyes first, so memorable visuals are essential when you are aiming at building a brand and conveying a message that is bound to be unforgettable and impressive. It is important to spend a considerable amount of time on getting your logo and other visual materials right.

Building a Brand Using Broadcast Media

It may seem that the market has shifted to newer forms of media, however, broadcast media was and still is a fundamental part of any successful marketing campaign. This type of medium includes televisions, radios, and movies.

Statistics have shown that consumers feel more comfortable with brands that put an effort to advertise using broadcast media. The use of television commercials and radio advertisements allow you to gain credibility among your potential clients, as well as, deliver a message to the public without the meaning being misrepresented.

Building A Brand Using Social/New Media

Nowadays, people are relying more on the Internet to get their news. Social media has provided a platform for brand owners to create brand awareness through various channels such as video, audio, texts, you name it!

Using new media is fairly less expensive than television commercials and billboards. They are a great way to build consciousness about your brand on a larger scale and allowed you to choose your targeted audience.

Social networks, websites, online forums, and podcasts are all different ways to use when it comes to branding. It seems though, that social networks may sometimes be misleading due to the lack of laws and uncontrollable content sharing. On the other hand, online forums are best used to seek support and assistance, where you would be able to find discussions and relevant opinions on particular topics.

Lastly, podcasts allow the audience to share their knowledge and communicate with the world. They are a great method since they can be heard on the computer or mobile phones and allows for interactions with your audience.

Brand owners always struggle between the different types of media that would help them share their brand’s perspective and create an image of how they would like their brand to be seen by the public. Both traditional and new media are both suitable gateways to successful branding campaigns. With modern and evolving technology, most branding campaigns are easily viewed and heard on mobile phones, or even the radio whilst driving your car. Print and broadcast campaigns are known as the traditional form of media that has been used for over a century. Social media, on the other hand, are considered as the newer and less expensive form of media to aid in building your brand’s credibility. The most important factor to keep in mind is to stay innovative and utilize all kinds of media to build on your brand.

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