Issues You Must Be Aware Of Before Using PPC Marketing

Issues You Must Be Aware Of Before Using PPC Marketing
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Apples or Oranges?

When you decide to market your business online, you’ll have a big decision to make. You will need to choose between SEO and PPC. If you’re leaning towards pay per click marketing and AdWords, there are some issues that you need to understand. These issues may sway your mind in the other direction.

Issues You Must Be Aware Of Before Using PPC Marketing
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30 Percent

This is roughly how many users click on Adwords PPC links. Approximately thirty percent of internet users click on PPC links before they head into the organic searches. Now, you can look at this two ways. Either, you’re tapping into an exclusive market, or you’re missing out on seventy percent of users who could be buying.

Clicks Not Purchases

Don’t forget that when you buy PPC, you’re paying for clicks, not purchases. This means that a lot of people could click on your site and very few could buy. If that happens, you’ll be paying a lot for marketing, and you’ll be making very little.

Poor Design

If your website has a poor design, PPC won’t work. You’ll get clicks, but a lot of customers will click right back off again because they won’t trust the site. As such, you may need to invest in other forms of marketing as well as PPC.

Click Fraud

Finally, there’s the issue of click fraud. Your competitors can click on your links with no intention of buying and push your costs sky high. This happens more than you think. Luckily, this particular problem can be resolved, and you can read more about that in the infographic below.

Infographic Designed By WebsitePromoter: What is Click Fraud?

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