Brand-boosting Promotions You Can Use Online (Comparison Table)

Brand-boosting Promotions You Can Use Online comparison table
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With various social networks at play, it should be easier for you to look for the best channel where you can promote your brand. Both the digital and traditional means of gathering your customer’s attention have the potential to project the kind of success that you want.

These days, maintaining your company’s social media presence is a must. You may have the right information within your reach, but if you are confused when to start, here are four basic means through which you can maximize the impact of your brand online.

Options to develop brand-awareness

Advantages Disadvantages

Email marketing

    Brand awareness
    Demonstrate expertise
    Fast to produce
    Build Relationships
    Getting attention
    Being noticed
    Lack the personal touch
    Need time and thought

Forums/Review sites

    to get educational information on your site
    to increase traffic through repeat visitors.
    to gain more credibility.
    to build relationship with visitors.
    Can make your site look abandoned if you don’t have many members

Paid Social Advertising

    A quick boost in income
    It’s attractive to buyers
    Build relationships
    Tarnishing the reputation/brand
    Bad link neighbourhoods


    Brand boosting!
    Infographics are more eye catching than printed words.
    Infographics are fun and engaging medium that can generate a unique connection with visitors to either your site or a location that has featured your infographic.
    Copyrighted or poor-quality images
    Hard to proofread or fact-check
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