Making Apps For Kids: A Quick Guide

Are you trying to make immersive apps for kids? Learn how in this guide!

Many experienced developers and designers who have made dozens or even hundreds of interesting apps throughout their career find it difficult to make apps for kids. The main question that confuses the experts are “What apps do the children need”

When Your Startup Stretches Its Wings: Be Prepared

You might think that isn’t a confusing task – just create apps and games that remind you of what you liked when you’re younger. However, this advice doesn’t work in most situations.

Today’s children are connected to technology at birth. They start to learn about the world games and other technological means. According to research, about a third of the children under one year old use mobile devices in one way. Millennials can barely boast about having such advanced technology in its infancy stage.

Who To Target For Your App

One of the largest traps for creators of children’s’ app is selecting your target audience. Who decides on whether they want to install the app – the child or the parent? Most developers will target one group, but miss out on the exact market they planned for. Want to know some ways on how to avoid this trap?

Determine the Age Group You’re Building the App For?

Children are scientifically proven to develop faster than adults. A good age gap for adults is around 10-15 years. You should forget making broad generalizations for the children, while also avoiding diving your target between children of preschool age and school age.

When you make apps for kids, you should focus on the age ranges of a two-year maximum. You also have to tailor the methods of interaction and complexity of your app for children in a specific age group. This will help you correctly identify your niche and target your product.

For instance, for children under 2 years old, parents have installed apps such as YouTube Kids. For children that are around 6-10 years old, you should make more interactive apps. For example, Dora the Explorer is a game where children can perform simple tasks and play short games.

UI/UX Design

Design is an important component of any app. But for children, design takes a more important role of the project. Having a good mobile UI is great for any app. It’s already difficult for your children to navigate through the world. One misplaced button can lead to your child treating the app as a loved but unusable toy. That’s why it’s important to make sure that everything in your app must have high usability and clear. When you make apps for kids, try to use exciting animations and bright colors.

Get inspired by popular characters in your child’s age group, as well and watch movies of the cartoons to get a better glimpse of what they’re saying. For instance, Disney created a multitude of apps based on the cartoon’s graphic design ideas.

To conclude, its best to ask your audience before you make apps for kids. By doing this, you can find out what your children need in order to make it interesting for them. Thus, when you make apps for kids, ask for their input to ensure that its a fun experience for them!

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