Office Equipment Your Business Can’t Do Without

Businesses have operated out of offices for years. They are the most functional spaces for a team to operate in and they make up a huge proportion of the commercial property across the globe. When you are at the helm of a business finding great office space is integral to how your company works on a day to day basis and said office needs to be full of all the functional things that enable your staff to work efficiently. You will probably end up accumulating masses of office equipment over the years, some of which is more useful than others! To stop your office gathering clutter, it is advisable to make a list of all the important office equipment you need and the stuff that will need replacing on a regular basis.

Here are some examples for you to mark off as you go about replenishing the supplies in your business’s HQ.

Folders and files

As any business professional will know, the success of your company rides predominantly on your ability to organize both yourself and your team. Papers, leaflets, books and handwritten notes can easily end up clogging your desk and working areas, leading to the whole place feeling cramped and messy. To stop this happening in the first place (and remember that prevention is always better than a cure) invest in some storage and filing options for your workspace. Sure, your staff should be responsible for organizing some of their things themselves – but it never hurts to lead by example. Filing cabinets are great if your business deals with a lot of documents and has to keep a record of specific things, and magazine files make great desktop organizers. Additionally, when you are buying new desks for your employees, look for ones that come with plenty of drawer space – the storage will be invaluable.

Paper and envelopes

Nothing can bring business to a halt quite like running out of paper! Even though we are now able to store many notes, calendars and reminders digitally, we do still often need to print things off and even write things down from time to time. Buy paper and notepads in bulk, and set monthly reminders for when you need to replenish your stock. Having a good supply of window envelopes is also incredibly useful for when you need to mail out things to clients, or for when you are filing invoices.

Desktop basics

These are the kind of things that you don’t really think about, but if they were taken away from your office, suddenly all hell would break loose. Things like customized pens, highlighters (VERY useful for organization), scissors and of course, the trusty office trash can. Time is precious in business, and the last thing you need is to be wasting twenty minutes that you don’t have looking for a pen that works. Keep a bulk supply of these kinds of things in a cupboard and that way, you can keep your business ticking over with minimal hassle.

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