Pharmaceutical Marketing for Advanced Therapies? — Top Strategies 

Advanced therapy refers to human medications based on cells, tissue, and genetic material. Compared to traditional procedures and treatments, advanced therapies like cell and gene therapy are new in the market. Cell therapy and gene therapy are showing great promise for the future of treatment development and research. To make people understand the importance and working of these therapies, companies focus on the following marketing strategies: 

Pharmaceutical Marketing for Advanced Therapies? — Top Strategies 

1. Website Updates:

In the world of today, websites and online platforms are the real faces of any company that makes them accessible to everyone. Updating the website regularly with new information and making it look attractive and easy to navigate. Websites should be mobile-friendly and adopt accessibility practices. According to research, 92 percent of pharmaceutical websites are mobile-friendly but fail the speed test. 

2. Pharma SEO:

Investing in SEO-optimized website content is crucial. Updating the web copy with more keywords and external links helps in getting the website to show up at the top of the search. Every day 1 billion people google health questions and SEO-optimized content helps in directing the audience towards your website.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Technology:

CRM technology is the core of pharmaceutical marketing. It helps in gathering information which leads to long-lasting and trusted relationships. CRM captures the online behaviours and preferences of the customers to offer a more personalized experience. The data collected by CRM can be used in the following ways:

  • Email marketing
  • Cross-selling new therapies based on previous uptakes
  • Sending personalised messages to customers
  • Sale support for customers

4. Visual Aids:

The pharmaceutical industry and its rapidly increasing research and technology are not something that anyone can grasp by reading paragraphs or hearing textbook words. To make your customers fully attentive to what you have to offer, visual aids are necessary. Visual aids also increase brand visibility. You can make it easier for customers to understand how therapy is formed, how it works and how it will change their life. 

5. Networking Opportunities:

What is a better way to boost your sales than by talking to your target audience directly? It is a necessary marketing strategy for every pharmaceutical company to attend conventions and conferences and make hospital tours if necessary. 

6. Patient-centric Approach:

Modern technology has made it possible for everyone to get whatever information they need on the internet. So now more than ever it is necessary to provide up-to-date information to the patients because they can always confirm. The marketing approach should be patient-centric because ultimately they make or break a brand. You can also use the platforms where patients look up information as a marketing place for visibility. 

7. Cost of Treatment:

The cost of developing a new drug is somewhere between 314 million to 2.8 billion dollars and only 12% of drugs get approved by the FDA. The best chance of investment return is by careful financial planning and emphasizing payer marketing. It includes strategies that target the insurance providers.

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