SMS Marketing: How to Use it To Generate Profit

Whilst the world does move at a fast pace it is important that we recognize the fact that sometimes old techniques do not necessarily die. When it comes to marketing we can include SMS marketing into this category, because so few businesses are aware of how powerful it can be for generating profit.

The reality is that this can be a very powerful way for companies to bring in revenue for the business and here is how you can utilize a service such as GuniSMS to really bring in the cash for your company.

The Benefits of Integrating Email and SMS Marketing To Your Business

Some Tasty Statistics

If you are questioning why SMS can work, consider the fact that the average person checks their phone around 47 times each day. Also consider that SMS has 150x the engagement rate that email campaigns do, and 56% of respondents say that they opt in for SMS because of the deals and offers they find.


Sending coupons through SMS is the way to get the most engagement possible and it has proven to beat email and even social media inbox marketing. Consumers have been shown to be 10 times more likely to redeem coupons which they have been sent via SMS than any other kind of coupon. This method of promotional marketing is great to bring in consumers who then spend additional money on extra products.

Building Trust and Loyalty

The most valuable commodity which your business can possibly have is the trust and the loyalty of the customer. So many businesses make the mistake of looking for a quick sale, when in reality this is a very short term way of looking at things. Through the use of SMS marketing you can communicate directly with your customers with thank you and welcome messages. You can also personalize messages for them and create a relationship without trying to sell. Over the long term this is a far smarter approach than instant sale. Check out some of the text message trends for 2021 if you want to approach it seriously.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a great way of bringing in continued custom and incentivizing our customers to build trust with us. If this is lead via SMS then you have a significantly better chance of getting people to sign up. Through SMS you can remind them about what points they have earned and what exclusive offers they have qualified for.


The reason why so many enjoy SMS is that the customer has to opt-in for you to be able to get their contact number, and they can opt-out at anytime. This is why you should feel confident sending messages, within reason, and why you can use it for remarketing. If you have sent them a coupon or an offer which hasn’t been redeemed, a gentle reminder before it expires could be the perfect way for you to bring that customer back into the fold and encourage them to spend their money.

Simply because SMS is considered as being old fashioned, doesn’t mean for a second that you cannot use it to bring in profit for your business.

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