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You might not have enough idea how much power social media holds when it comes to representing one’s image. Social Media is top 1 in the list of marketing tools at present. For example, more than 5,000 tweets are sent every second. And Facebook Users share approximately 1 Million links every 20 minutes (Facebook has 800 Million users and Twitter has 232 Million active monthly users). These trivial facts are somewhat ruling business agendas. Incorporating social media into your business is a must if you wanted to get the attention of everyone. You must boldly be out there and represent yourself in a way that’s marketable and effective. But being active in the Internet does not necessarily mean that you know everything. Usually it takes skills, perfect timing and practice in order to deliver and receive positive feedbacks.

SNS as a means of business advertisement


By definition, Social Media or SNS [social networking sites] are individual mediums that we create in order to connect with friends & community, share our ideas and craft, market our selves and speak what’s in our mind most of the time. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and the list can go on and on. Depending on your preference and branding, using any of these applications can boost your product or personal image and may become a pedestal for you to reach out to the world. You’d be surprised to know the amount of inexpensive and easy-accessible resources in the net. Aside from the fact that it’s for free as compared to magazines, newspapers or TV & Radio commercial for advertising. Digging deeper into internet origins, the Honeycomb Framework of social media has:

7 building blocks. These are defined as:identity, conversations, sharing, presence, relationship, reputation and groups.

In order to start making use of your Social Media pages, you need to be very well informed about the basics, the strategies, and the norm on which they run. Let me tally the following tips on how you can use SNS for the benefit of your business.

1. Know your circle.

sns  business circle
The first basic step is to gather followers and friends that you are positively sure would have interest in the kind of service/product that you are offering. May it be in the field of fashion, IT, arts etc. make sure that you maximize your circle with the right type of people or audience. They are your viewers and your consumers so never miss an opportunity to spark up their interest. The second important step would be to MAINTAIN that circle. Let people acknowledge your relevance. Your mission is to have your users re-share your content.

Use SNS to give a “wow factor” to your product or to simply wow your audience.

2. Link your personal page to your business and vice versa.

The issue of reliability and genuineness in the virtual world is a trademark identity you should prove to your audience. When viewers have access to your background and history, your good reputation reassures them. Warning: mind your manners, even in the digital world and especially in the digital world! It’s the largest influence for the young and old. We ought to have known a few icons that failed epically due to lewd acts.

Remember: the devil is in the detail.

3. Advertise without sounding like your selling.


The persistent marketers who blurt empty words to the public annoy us all. They don’t effectively get the attention of everyone somehow. But it sheds a different light when you market the need. When they see the originality and freshness you offer, you will get a couple of heads turned your way easily.

Don’t forget the “keywords” so that people can track you fast.

4. The science of social timing.

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The Internet was created with the intent of information dispersal. Internet users spend 50% of their time on Social sites specifically. With this, SNS has a mutual relationship with mobile consumers. Schedule best suitable time to post on your pages. According to surveys, online users are most active during lunchtime or midday.

They usually browse their newsfeeds during their break time.

5. Use growth-hacking strategies that will suit their demands.

Using SNS is only half the fraction of growth-hacker marketing that is on trend today. GH means utilizing all technological channels to enhance exposure and selling products in a most fast and cost-efficient way. Content Marketing is the no.1 marketing trend comprising 29.6% contribution growth. SEO optimization and the power of hashtag are tiny tools with the biggest impact.

Bloggers use this in order to bring traffic to their websites.

6. Be a dependable source of information.

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Public diplomacy should never be compromised in delivering your business through social media channels. *Twitter is increasingly a target of questionable activity of marketers. Their actions are only focused on gaining massive followers and they use scripts and manipulation techniques to distort the prime idea of social media by abusing and harassing human innocence.

Trust is the primary component in any business.

“The internet is not just a passive channel of information. They supply the stuff of thought, but they also shape the process of thought. – Nicholas Carr 1960”

Above all, choose to be a positive force through your business.

Being relevant but entertaining, using eye-catching images, offering value so on and so forth are the finishing touches you can whisk to become popular and effective in your SNS circles. Above all, choose to be a positive force through your business. Kindness is a universal language and when people see your good intentions, you don’t have to convince them so hard. Of course, the decrease in face-to-face interactions can be considered a downtime for online activism. SNS is not the ONLY component to make your business successful. It’s only one of the many tools you can use.

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