Starting a Business During a Pandemic: 4 Key Factors to Consider before Borrowing Funds

Starting a new business is similar to a ripple effect — your initial actions will hugely influence the flow of the upcoming events. That said, one of the crucial decisions an entrepreneur will make when starting a new venture in business is how much capital they will need for the startup, as well as the operating costs.

While some companies can rise and run with a very limited financial source, other enterprises will need a lot of cash for equipment and inventory.

Companies borrow funds from lending organizations, including credit unions, banks, and loans and savings. For several start-ups, borrowing funds guarantees the business has enough resources to perform and operate smoothly until earning a profit.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has put an absolute strain on the global economy, Planet Loans, and health systems, a variety of private and public institutions are promoting and offering resources to help businesses. Thus, to be successful in funding your business using others’ help, here are some of the crucial factors that you must consider.

Starting a Business During a Pandemic: 4 Key Factors to Consider before Borrowing Funds

Start-up Expenses

Borrowed funds indeed help businesses pay startup costs. Since many fresh entrepreneurs exhaust personal credit to pay startup expenses, borrowing funds to pay costs benefit them, for they do not need to rely on credit cards, personal credit, savings to fund new purchases for the business anymore.

In other words, borrowed funds help reduce personal financial risks entrepreneurs face when starting a fresh operation.

Credit Cards and Personal Loans

As starting a fresh business is particularly risky and can be a significant strain on your investments, you must get them in proper order before you head on to the task. 

While some choose to work their current jobs while getting their business in operation, others set their startup expenses on credit cards. An effective rule of thumb would be to have at least six months living costs saved in case things go wrong. 

Remember to prepare a comprehensive business idea if you plan to apply for funding for your fresh business. Many lenders want to see your strategy along with financial forecasts when deciding whether to fund a startup. 

The sharp attention to detail and strength of your business plan are some of the most critical factors of the loan application. Be certain to include studies on similar businesses.

Repayment Alternatives

Businesses tend to have more versatility than individuals in paying loans. This condition is crucial for startups, which have restricted capital to compensate for borrowed funds. 

While several businesses pay loans monthly, new enterprises may have the choice to structure payments in a form where they are lower at the start when the company is less profitable. Once the company earns a profit, payments steadily increase.

Credit Boosting

A reliable business credit profile is particularly helpful to startups because it establishes credibility and the entrepreneur’s ability to attract new lenders in the future. 

Business credit is a type of credit that exists mainly in the style of the business and is different from the business owner’s account. Borrowing money helps in establishing business credit because the lender reports appropriate payments to credit bureaus that support a credit profile of the fresh business.


Businesses need to ensure capital resources to maintain business operations. Startup operations borrow funds to pay costs related to the business location, furnishing,  equipment, and new inventory.

Business loans for startup companies are risky because lenders do not have any record of your capacity to successfully manage a company and make a profit. For this reason, the means of getting financial help to start a business begins before you find a lender, walk into a bank. You need to do critical preparation before applying to a lender.

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