The Benefits Of Having a Good Writer On Your Team

The Benefits Of Having a Good Writer On Your Team

Writing is one those skills that most people think they have. But spend long enough clicking around the internet and you’ll soon discover that the only widespread skill among people is self-delusion. Most people cannot write well, and unfortunately they can’t see why they can’t write well either. This is just one reason why it pays to have a good writer on your staff. They’ll spot errors, make things run smoothly, and ultimately could be the difference between failure and success.

Communication Between Staff Members

Having a well oiled machine is crucial to the success of any business. But if a team member can’t decipher a message, then what are they going to do? Having a staff member who is trained in the art of writing clearly can solve many a “huh? Does that mean [a] or does that mean [b]?” moment. When people have all the information they need to do the task well first time, it saves time and energy – and ultimately gives you a better return on your staff investment.

For Your Customers

The same, more or less, can also be applied to your customers. A clear, succinct message is imperative if you want your potential customers to get on board. Why? Because they’re significantly less interested in your brand than you are, and won’t have the patience to sit through a text that is too convoluted to make sense of. Similarly, it might have an effect on actually how many people see your work; PPC advertising services require solid, succinct writing, and publications you advertise won’t take marketing pieces that contain errors.

Spotting Errors

Which brings us to the next point: a good writer will see errors that others might miss. You might think that an error here and there isn’t the end of the world, but it can be the difference between a potential customer taking your business seriously or not. Also, it’ll save you a lot of money if you spot errors as early as possible, as you won’t need to recall any misprinted materials or change other text.

Setting the Tone

It isn’t easy to set the tone of your company. You might have a vision for what your company will eventually look like, but putting it down on paper? That’s a tricky one. Luckily, you’ll have a keen wordsmith in your artillery, all ready to put pen to paper and turn your idea into a clear message that gets your vibe across straight away. Companies that don’t have a skilled writer doing their text don’t have a bad message; they have no message whatsoever. Don’t make that sentence apply to your own business!

Looking Professional

Even if you’re not concerned with all that’s listed above (though you should be!), making sure your text doesn’t contain spelling and grammatical errors will ensure that you look as professional as possible. It takes no effort at all to make sure all your text is rock solid, but make the mistake of ignoring it and you’ll soon pay the price.

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