The Benefits of Integrating Email and SMS Marketing To Your Business

Email marketing and SMS marketing sound to some, as outdated and antiquated strategies which no longer provide the yield that they once did. We can gladly tell you that if anyone you know holds that opinion, they are in fact wrong, because these two approaches to a marketing campaign work together to deliver absolutely sensational results. Don’t believe us on this? Just head to visit touchSMS and check out some of the testimonials on there to see how effective this strategy can be.

So what exactly are the benefits of integrating these two strategies into your business? Let’s take a look.

The Benefits of Integrating Email and SMS Marketing To Your Business

Trustflow From Business To Customer

Trust between a business and the customer is hard to earn and once you have it you should look to protect it with all you have. Nothing breaks that trust like a spammy ad or a piece of junk mail which has been poorly thought out. With regards to using email marketing and SMS marketing, however, both of these strategies have to be given permission by the customer in the first place, which of course is a strong indication of trust. Use these two approaches well to maintain that trust.

Covering All Bases

If you are having a flash sale in the business then sending out emails, even if they do have a call to action, is unlikely to cause your customers to spring into action. In fact, although the majority of email is read on mobile, very few react quickly through this medium. Sending an SMS in this case, however, is much more likely to get those customers engaged for your sale. Alternatively, if you are offering a more, drawn-out promotion, then email will be the perfect option as it is something that they are more likely to revisit later on.

Focus on Mobile

With each year that passes, we are seeing that mobile use is surpassing tablet and laptop use. The great thing about both of these strategies is that they are ideal for mobile users and that will help you to get a jump on those who are still focusing on ad campaigns that are dedicated towards those looking on laptop browsers. The ideal campaign of course is one which combines both approaches.

Customer Engagement

Because of the varied ways in which customers react to different forms of communication, you can utilize these two communication tools to ensure that you are getting as much engagement as possible. On top of this, you can use the metrics provided from each approach, to identify how each customer behaves and then use that information for future campaigns, in order to find higher levels of success.

Neither of these two strategies of marketing to your customers is outdated, furthermore, they are a dream team when it comes to increasing customer engagement and ultimately leads and sales. Not only is this a cost-effective approach but it is one which will ensure that you can improve the relationship between your business and its customers.

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