Use an Email Verifier to Reach More of Your Email Subscribers

High email deliverability rate is becoming highly challenging for marketers today. For everyone running email marketing campaigns, maintaining a healthy reputation with Email and Internet Service Providers is crucial. Even if your email address acquisition practices are organic, you are still under the risk of falling victim to spam traps and other risky email addresses. To protect your reputation and get your emails into your customers’ inboxes, it’s best to use an email verifier.

What is an email verifier?

It is a software that removes invalid email addresses from your email list. It identifies bad and risky emails leads and filters them out, thus preventing permanent damage to one’s sending reputation.

An email verifier uses proprietary algorithm to determine whether an email address is valid and safe to use. The system deploys multi-layer testing and goes above and beyond to turn an email list into a valuable business asset. A good email verifier removes misspelled email addresses, spam traps, catch-all and abuse emails, which belong to known email complainers. Frequently sending emails to such addresses endangers your reputation and affects your email deliverability.

An email verifier is good at:

  1. Reporting how old and/or active an email is, and when it was last used
  2. Determining whether each email will be delivered, or whether it will hard or soft bounce
  3. Ensuring the most accurate status of every email domain
  4. Locating and correcting misspelled emails
  5. Identifying invalid email formats

How to Verify Emails in Just Two Ways

You can use an email verifier in two ways. The verification level and the timeframe in which you need results do matter for the selection of the right approach.

  1. Send in your entire email database and get the outcomes within a certain timeframe by committing to a full-service email verifier.
  2. It is possible to verify emails in real time by using an email verification API.

An ill-managed email database has some negative consequences:

  1. Damaged sender reputation
  2. Poor customer experience
  3. Low sales
  4. Higher marketing costs
  5. Losing revenue opportunities

You must remember that using an email verifier us not a cure-all process and it shouldn’t only be used one time. Marketers should continue to use email verifiers, clean out their email lists and stick to organic acquisition methods because list hygiene is imperative in email marketing.

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