The Biggest Barrier To Your Success Is Yourself

The Biggest Barrier To Your Success Is Yourself
The Biggest Barrier To Your Success Is Yourself

Ask most people on the street what their bold idea is, and you’ll most likely get some pretty interesting concepts. Some, of course, will be ridiculous. Let’s not spend too much time thinking about those. Some, however, might actually be worth listening to. A percentage may even be a, ‘hey, that’s a good idea…’ moment. But if there are good ideas floating around everywhere (and there really are), then what’s stopping them coming from fruition? The answer, as always, is the human mind. Capable of great things — also capable of holding us back. And that’s just how it goes. Or does it?

Believe to Achieve

Our inner critic always has a lot to say. Every time you think you have an idea, they’re there to remind you that if it was really a good idea, then someone else would already have had it. It’s hard to silence this voice, but you have to if you want to make yourself a success. Some people are naturally confident people, assured of their destiny, but most people aren’t. They have to overcome the inner critic. Believe in yourself, even if it starts out as “fake”, and you’ll make your life all the easier on your quest for success.

Learning to Let Go

Naturally, there comes a point where your own confidence can also work against you. If you’ve trained your mind to be an overconfident person on a one track journey, then you might be blinding yourself to opportunities and voices that could aid your success. Remember, you can’t be in control of everything, and even if you could you’re unlikely to have the expertise to make it the best it can be. Bring in the people you need to progress. If a lack of confidence can stop a project from getting off the ground, then it is your ego that can ensure it’s buried before it’s able to become cemented.

Staying on Track

The founder of Voudouris Turn 5 says ‘a lack of determination almost always guarantees failure’, and that couldn’t be truer. In the 21st century, it’s easy to get sidetracked by the endless amount of distractions that we encounter on a daily basis. And much worse than that can be our reaction to what would probably turn out to be only momentary setbacks. It’s all too easy to give up on an idea when the going gets tough. Resist that urge! History is written by people who powered through even when they couldn’t see the end of the tunnel.

Giving Back

Ultimately, the success of any one of your businesses will not what defines you as a businessman. If you really want to be successful, then it has to be emitted from every pore of your being, and that involves giving back. Once you’re well established as a company, you’ll have proven you can make it in the business world – now it’s time to improve yourself as a human being and give back to help others on their way. This can also work if you’re thinking of getting into a career that involves helping people, with a masters in social work online, you’ll be able to give back to those in need while being able to do so with the right qualifications and knowledge.

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