The Top Three Trends for HR Managers in 2022

HR managers are at the forefront of helping people work together in ways that are agile, flexible, and rewarding. In 2022, the top HR leaders are expecting three top trends to alter how human resources will hire, support and foster growth within their organizations.

The Top Three Trends for HR Managers in 2022

Background Services

Are you aware that 60 million Americans have a criminal record? In addition, industry insights confirm that the price of a bad hire is estimated to be 30% of their first-year earnings. With these statistics in mind, more HR departments are turning to outside professionals for employee background check services.

The best services offer background checks quickly and efficiently, without requiring a sign-up fee, cumbersome contract, or exclusivity agreement. As an HR leader, it’s essential to work with a service that helps you make smart decisions, with minimal commitment.

Look for a service that enables you to only pay for screenings that you need. When you work with a reputable company for background services, you’ll be able to hire the best people to be part of your company’s teams.

Human Capital Management (HCM) Solutions

Most businesses are using some form of what’s called Human Capital Management, or HCM solutions. These technology solutions make it easier to automate and track all the different processes that affect people in your organization.

What kind of things does HCM cover? Everything that is going on affects people, really. This can include everything from payroll, performance reviews, recruiting, attendance, training, and even career development.

If you haven’t investigated this kind of software for your organization, this is a good time to consider it. By automating these critical processes, you can delegate the nitty-gritty details. You’ll have more time to provide quality human contact to your employees, without getting lost in the minutia of forms and paperwork.

Wellness Technologies

Employee wellness and well-being are a top priority for top HR leaders. Many people are struggling with stress, mental health issues, as well as staying active with physical fitness. Many businesses have responded proactively to find solutions and help their employees with resources.

Although historically there has been a stigma around mental health, the recent pandemic may have helped pave the way to a more conscious approach. Employees—as well as leaders—are struggling with issues of anxiety, stress, and mental health as professionals seek to find balance and focus.

One of the big trends in 2022 is providing employees with tools to prevent stress. HR leaders are experimenting with solutions such as offering mindfulness apps, stress reduction training, access to yoga classes, and well-being webinars.

In the past, some companies supported employee health with access to a gym or fitness center. During the pandemic, these facilities were not open in most locations, and this prompted innovations.

In response, companies are offering workout apps to support physical activity and help employees maintain fitness. Others are encouraging employees by offering access to personal trainers, fitness coaches, webinars, and training.

Employees are also looking to their organizations for active support of mental well-being. Leading companies are providing free access to mental health professionals and therapists, to assist employees in getting confidential help.

Set Your Priorities

Take a moment to reflect on the last year. What kind of big issues, trends, and patterns stand out? Do you feel happy with how you have managed things in 2021 and how things are going—or are you concerned that some big issues have not been handled?

In addition to reflecting on your organizational initiatives, consider your priorities. Do you feel confident and energized in your job? Are you practicing self-care strategies to help balance work-life commitments? Are you asking for help and support when you need it?

Core practices of self-care can help you restore energy and reduce stress. These include simple daily practices such as keeping a routine, limiting exposure to news, and staying active.

  • Set a Regular Schedule. Setting regular schedules and routines is important for mental and physical health. A set structure helps you feel in charge and control. Make time for daily rituals and activities that you enjoy.
  • Limit News Exposure. A steady flow of news can promote a state of anxiousness, based on false news or rumors. Rely on a few reliable news outlets such as the CDC to get updates.
  • Stay Active. Healthy exercise is a great way to strengthen your body and revitalize your energy. Pick activities you like such as dancing, walking, and yoga.

As we head into the New Year, make your well-being and these trends top priorities. And in turn, you may find 2022 to be a far more productive and successful year than the one before it!

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