The Workplace Tech That Will Transform Your Business for the Better

Advances in technology have changed the way we work, and the digital landscape is still evolving. With increasing flexibility and automation, businesses can reap the benefits of switching to a more digitally-inspired workplace. If you want to reduce costs, maximize productivity and boost your profits, try these tech options to transform your business…

Get Virtual! How the Virtual World Can Help Your Business

Cloud-based systems

Instead of working on server-based systems, migrate to the cloud instead. When employees are able to login to your system remotely, they can work from any location. As well as offering flexible employment, these ensure you can hire employees from any location around the world. Instead of being forced to select from a group of applicants who live within a commutable distance from your premises, you can choose your next employee without any geographical constraints.

In addition to this, using a cloud-based system can prevent damage occurring to your business in the event of a hardware failure. Whereas a system failure may have resulted in days or weeks of business delays if hardware fails when you’re using a cloud-based system, you can simply log in from another device and keep your business functional.

Game-based learning

The digital workplace offers endless training opportunities, at a more cost-effective price point than ever before. Instead of costly face-to-face training seminars, you can use digital game-based learning opportunities to train your staff and enhance their skills. Used to encourage various qualities, such as leadership development, game-based learning helps your employees to develop their skills within the workplace. As well as enhancing their own careers, your business will benefit when they are able to put these newfound skills to good use in the workplace.

Immersive apps

Technology has made it possible to have face-to-face conferences or meetings, in real-time, with colleagues or clients around the world. However, it doesn’t stop there. As virtual reality becomes a useable tool in the workplace, many companies are already using immersive apps to enhance team-building and facilitate inter-departmental collaboration. Whether you want to engage with a colleague in the next office or a client in another continent, immersive apps make it all possible.

Secure messaging

Companies are more security-conscious than ever in today’s climate, particularly as there has been a rise in data regulation. With businesses now facing fines and sanctions for data breaches, embracing more secure methods of communications should be top of your property list. Secure messaging apps enable employees to communicate with one another efficiently, without the risk of hacking or data leaks. Ensuring immediate connectivity and enhanced cyber safety, secure messaging apps are already being utilized by the most forward-thinking businesses.

Smart virtual assistants

Traditionally, assistants and secretaries were employed to assist upper management staff, such as CEOs and directors, but technology has revolutionized professional support in the workplace. With smart virtual assistants, all employees can increase their efficiency and productivity. Increased automation and schedule organization comes as standard with smart virtual assistants, but it won’t be long until artificial intelligence enables smart virtual assistants to predict an employee’s needs and respond accordingly.

With the right tech, it’s hard not to succeed.

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