Things You Need To Hear After Graduation

After spending half of your life being confined in classrooms, sitting through possible boring lectures, and learning theories, you’re deployed into the “real world.” It’s time to get a job and figure out how things work. There will be a ton of paperwork and government offices. There will be rushing from one interview to another. There will be dealing with a lot of different people.
At times, you’d wish someone had told you about these. Most times, you might not know what to do, and that’s okay–because most adults don’t. If you’re trying to make sense of life after graduation, here are things you might want to hear:

The real world isn’t all that bad

Adults tend to scare younger people with the horror story that is the “real world.” It’s bleak and grey, and it will crush your dreams. This idea is based on the Industrial Revolution, where smoke was everywhere, and employees were given unfair wages.

The “real world” isn’t like that anymore. Sure, the system isn’t fair, but work environments are changing. Mental health awareness is now making an impact on how offices are run. Work-from-home is becoming a norm and is proven to significantly increase productivity.

In the “real world,” you make new friends out of coworkers. You rediscover yourself through new experiences and people. There is a lot to learn outside the four corners of the classroom, and the “real world” is here for it.

It’s okay for things to change

Maybe when you were younger, you had it all laid out. You stay together with your long-term partner. You apply for your dream job, get a beautiful apartment, and travel the world.

While these are very plausible, things can change. You might find yourself applying for a job outside of your degree. You might find yourself dealing with heartbreak or moving back in with your parents.

However, it doesn’t mean that things won’t work out. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to enjoy a different job. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to find love again. It means you’re given a new chance to change your perspectives. It’s a new way of getting back to your feet again.

Never stop learning

Every skill is muscle, and there are new research cases done every day. According to data, there are new studies published every five days as researchers complete 72 scientific papers annually. This means that if you don’t catch up with new information, especially in your field, your skills and knowledge will eventually become outdated.

To further your knowledge about your chosen career, you can take professional development courses. These classes will help you improve your credentials and help you perform better at your job. These courses provide training, research, and involvement in related organizations.

The process of learning continues, may it be in critical thinking, academic, or just plain life skills. After all, you need to constantly learn and unlearn things to cope with today’s fast-changing world.

Know that life will be hard, and things will change, but there’s always a silver lining. With every change comes another opportunity to learn and stay afloat. Remember: things are changing, and it’s more accommodating to millennials (a.k.a. you!).

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