Why Ergonomics And Entrepreneurs Are Natural Bedfellows?

Are you sitting comfortably? You should be. In turns out that there’s a strong link between physical comfort and the amount of work that you can get done on any particular day – good news for entrepreneurs.

But all too often, entrepreneurs don’t take their own comfort all that seriously. In fact, it’s usually something that’s at the back of their minds, what with all the other stresses and strains of their otherwise painful lives. Elon Musk has described being an entrepreneur as being like chewing on glass while staring into the abyss. But he was talking about the emotional and mental pain of being an entrepreneur. He wasn’t saying that it was physical torture.

Given that entrepreneurs have to deal with a lot of problems throughout the day, they should at least make sure that they and their staff are sitting comfortably.

Avoid Eye Strain

It’s not unusual for entrepreneurs to sit in front of a computer screen for twelve hours straight or more. But staring at a screen can lead to eye strain which can be very painful the following day. The good news is that there are a couple of things that you can do to prevent this. The first is to find a flicker-free monitor. It turns out that, even though your eyes don’t perceive it, there’s a flicker on most of the monitors on the market. This has been shown to cause eye strain and also damage the eyes after long periods of exposure. There are monitors, however, that use a different kind of current, meaning that there’s no gap between images displayed and so the flicker is eliminated.

The other thing you can do is reduce the amount of blue light being emitted by your monitor. To make white light, monitor backlights usually use blue LEDs covered with a phosphor coating. This produces the desired white light, but the whiteness is primarily coming from the blue wavelength, not the red and green. Our eyes didn’t evolve with this kind of white light, and so staring at a screen can have a damaging effect and cause eye strain. It’s a good idea, therefore, to either get an OLED or quantum dot monitor which produce more natural white lights or get a program to reduce blue light, like Flux.

Don’t Slouch

Another thing that entrepreneurs spend a lot of time doing is slouching. Slouching, however, puts a lot of strain on the discs in your back and can eventually lead to back pain. This is why so many people choose to buy professional office chairs from companies like Crossford Furniture with the proper back support. You want to make sure that your chair has lumbar support so that your discs are not being compressed in any particular way. The other important thing to do is to make sure that you’re not sitting in a way that puts undue strain on one part of your body or another.

Let Your Feet Dangle

Finally, your feet should not be dangling when you’re in the seated position. If they are, then this will put pressure on the underside of your legs.

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