Top 10 (or 11) Marketing Strategies to Develop in Order to Become Effective

Bringing something new to the table is one thing when it comes to business. Promoting your product and brand is another thing. One weighs a little heavier when it comes to strategy. Regardless of your company’s product or service, there is no arguing that no single method outranks the multiple promotion approach. It is always better to have more than one plan to attack your customers (metaphorically) without pushing your agenda.

To determine your market strategy, you need to consider the profiles of your consumers first. Think about the 5Ws and 2H:

∆ Who are your customers?
∆ What do they like to buy?
∆ When do they like to avail of the products and services?
∆ Why would they want to buy what you offer?
∆ Where do they usually buy?
∆ How do they buy?
∆ How much do they spend for this product and services?

Another thing you should also consider is CUSTOMER RETENTION. How can you satisfy your customers well enough for them to come back? Take a look at this list of promotional strategies you can tailor to get the word out there and establish brand awareness.

List of Business Promotions you can adapt:

∆ Hire a Sales Guy
∆ Put a Branch Location
∆ Create your Website
∆ Create Social Media Profiles
∆ Call Center
∆ Direct Mail Services
∆ Hand out Brochures & Flyers
∆ Online Ads
∆ Press Release
∆ Hire PR/ Ad Agency
∆ Word-of-Mouth

list of business promotions

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