Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation: All You Should Know

With technological advancements, it seems that the medical field is headed for the future characterized by numerous possibilities. For instance, the discovery of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation in the medical field—particularly pain management—looks to benefit immensely.

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But what’s TENS Therapy?

Based on the utilization of low-voltage electrical-based current to treat pain, TENS is a medical therapy that is not only natural built also effective. Regarded as a powerful pain management therapy, TENS is quickly creating shockwaves in the medical field. The best part, the TENS unit can be used by patients at home to manage different types of pain.

What Can TENS Therapy Be Used To Treat

Whether you are suffering from long-lasting pain or acute pain, you can bank on TENS therapy to relieve it. Designed to stimulate the nerves, this therapy can effectively block the transmission of pain signals to the brain area. This means that it can be used to treat a myriad of pain, including:
Osteoporosis—TENS therapy has shown positive impacts when it comes to treating osteoporosis-related problems such as bones, joints, as well as muscles.

Fibromyalgia—Problems that are caused by fibromyalgia such as those affecting the joints, bones, and muscles can be treated by this therapy.

Tendinitis—Inflammation that affects the muscle tissues can be treated by this therapy.
Bursitis—another condition that can be treated by TENS is bursitis—especially when it comes to the form of inflammation of the pads cushioning the joints.

Neck pain—you can also use TENS to treat both mild and chronic neck pain

Labor pain—don’t let about pain consume your partner or friend. Use TENS to counter the pain effectively.

Cancer pain—Cancer pain can bring untold suffering. In most cases, it’s chronic. So, use TENS to relieve this pain and let the patient recover happily.

Risks and Side Effects

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the best ways to use the TENS device. This will prevent thins like damage and injuries. Normally, this therapy doesn’t have any side effects. However, some patients may experience some rashes or mild burns in areas of application. However, these are rare cases. Up to date, there are no risks reported.

Treatment Outlook

In some patients, the therapy offers instant results. This means that they experience pain relief immediately. Other patients may experience prolonged pain relief. Thus, when used for a longer period of time, these patients may experience permanent pain relief. However, the results are dependent on the nature of the pain and its route course.

The Bottom-Line

When it comes to pain management, nothing takes center stage quite like effectiveness and the authenticity of the method used. Of course, there are numerous solutions out there to manage pain. But, often, most of them lead to severe side effects because they are supported by different chemicals. However, with TENS, you have a natural way of treating your pain. Plus, the therapy is characterized by minimal side effects. So, why let pain darken your days when you can turn to TENS? Get the best TENS unit and stay pain-free. After all, you were created a free man or woman.

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