What Infrastructure Is Needed for AI?

The introduction of AI in various areas of human life, such as medicine and transport, finance and production, is hampered by the high costs of its development. Building your own AI infrastructure is too expensive and therefore not worthwhile. So that any company that wants to work with its own AI-based programs can easily develop them, G-Core Labs offers AI Infrastructure as a Service.

What Infrastructure Is Needed for AI?

Accelerating Machine Learning with AI Infrastructure

By connecting to a ready-made AI infrastructure, companies save money at every stage of their efforts. G-Core Labs offers to use effective AI full lifecycle tools without investing in local equipment and deployment of the entire infrastructure. The unique capabilities of the AI ​​IPU infrastructure include:

  • the ability to use ready-made ML models and templates to speed up AI learning
  • storage of ML models in a central repository, which provides easy access to them from different points in the AI ​​infrastructure
  • Data set management and version control
  • Trouble-free operation of all components of AI architecture and round-the-clock technical support

What Does AI Infrastructure Include?

Technologies and equipment that provide work on AI within the AI IPU infrastructure include the following components:

  • Computing equipment with powerful IPU Graphcore processor
  • Reliable and capacious cloud service
  • Various tools needed to enable the full AI life cycle, such as data platforms, research, development and visualization tools
  • Learning algorithms

Working on AI requires not only powerful modern equipment, but also a variety of software, which quickly becomes outdated due to the high dynamism of this field of inquiry. Using IaaS, companies receive comprehensive support for the entire cycle without spending on the cost of equipment, purchasing the software and its updating, and paying for the work of their own specialists. At the same time, AI training takes place at such an accelerated pace, so that the jump in performance will exceed all your expectations.

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