What Makes Customers Buy And Buy Again?

When you think about making your business success, you need to consider how to wow customers of your company. You need to impress them if you want them to buy. So, how do you do this? Well, there are lots of ways to get customers to buy, but that’s not enough. You need them to buy and then buy again. Only with repeat purchases will your business be able to succeed on the market. So, we’ll look at both. We’ll examine the ways you can get customers to buy and then make sure that they buy again, perhaps even recommending your business to friends and family.

Getting The First Purchase

Finding Your Company

The first step is to make sure that customers and clients can find your business, offline or online. Either one can be of great importance for your company, so let’s look at how to make sure your business is found. If you’re running your company offline, you will be appealing to a local audience. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use online promotion to your advantage. You need to consider local SEO. Local SEO will essentially add your company to the online phonebook and ensure that you’re easy to find. Now, what this means is that if you need to, you can use little tricks to get more interest from customers.

For instance, by changing your opening hours online, you should be able to gain attention from customers when other companies are already closed. Whether they can access your business or not won’t matter. They will find your company, and if you can guarantee that, you’ve won half the battle.

For online businesses catering to a larger demand, it’s all about SEO. The best advice we can offer is that you don’t try and set up SEO yourself. Instead, you should think about hiring a great marketing team to do this for you. With the right team, you can get your business site to page one or two or the SERPs. What happens after this? Well, hopefully, they’ll choose to look at your site, but that doesn’t always happen. To guarantee it does, you need to think about your name.

What’s In A Name?

Quite a lot actually, your name will directly impact whether a customer or client chooses to buy from your company. Certain names are more appealing to customers than others. Brandable domain names are valuable as marketing tools for this reason they can be purchased and then used by business owners to their advantage.

An example of a great domain name would be richbit. It might not sound that attractive at first. But think about it because there’s a lot of key details that make that name attractive. First, it rhymes, and this automatically makes it more memorable to customers. It’s not particularly long, and with only two syllables it’s quite simple. Finally, it’s got attractive words. Rich suggests wealth where as richbit seems like something small or simple. With a name like this, you can guarantee that customers are going to have a look at your site. That’s just one example of a brandable domain, and it might just get them to click on your site. What happens next.

Will They Buy?

There are lots of factors that can impact your conversion rate. This ratio is based on how many site users actually commit to a purchase and become customers for your company. To boost the ratio, you need to make things as easy as possible for buyers. Again, there are plenty of steps that you can take here. The first step? Make sure that the site is easy to navigate. That’s simple as long as you don’t over clutter it and do make sure that you are using links. Links are a great way to get a user from a piece of content to the shop on your site. You definitely want to consider this possibility, but that’s not all.

You need to ensure that the site is secure too. Customers hate nothing more than finding out that a site has poor security and they will definitely think twice about buying from you if that’s the case. Is this all you need to worry about when you’re setting up your site?

Not quite, it has to be appealing, and ideally, you want every part of the design to lead them to make a purchase. To do that, you should look at A-B testing. A-B testing is the process of changing aspects of the site and examining whether they make a difference to customer buying preferences. It’s entirely possible that even the smallest picture or a single word could be stopping some customers from buying. But you will only know if this is the case through the right testing.

Hopefully, after all this, you will be able to guarantee that customers do find your business and when that happens, they buy. Of course there are other factors to take into consideration that can determine success rates but for now, keep things simple. Assume that customers did make a purchase. What happens next.

Buy And Buy Again

Your next challenge is getting the multiple purchases and eventually aiming for a loyal customer. Rather than looking at the different options on the market, they will always come back and buy from you. How can you guarantee they come back though? The best place to start would be to make sure the product or service that you’re offering on the market is of high quality. Lapses in quality are one of the easiest ways you can lose customer interest without even trying. But again, for this purpose, we will assume that your product is a high quality good. As such, it will not impact the possibility of a repeat sale.


You might want to try reminding customers that your business is out there. Perhaps they bought one product, and you want to make sure that they know your company offers other similar products that they might like too. You can do this, through email marketing. If you get an email when they buy your product you can allow them to opt in to market. When they do this it gives you the opportunity to continue marketing to them again and again.

Or, you can use cookies. A site cookie is micro data that can track user behavior once they visit your site. After this, you can send out advertisements that will appear in their browser and on pages they visit in the place of sponsored, site content. As such, even if they stray from your site, they will still remember it exists.


Or, alternatively, you can present them with an offer that is too good to refuse. You may wish to reward them for buying from you before with an ‘exclusive’ deal. The trick is to give them the impression that you are offering something that isn’t available to the public market. By doing this, you should find that they come back purely because they feel valued.

Just In

Lastly, it’s worth rebranding a product as something that is fresh and new. Or, marketing to customers that have bought a product with similar items that fit their needs or desires. For instance, you might have sold a customer a 4K TV. Well, if they bought that, they might need the blu-ray player to go with it. Or, possibly the HDMI cable. This is a great way to turn one purchase into a multiple buy and get larger revenues.

So, don’t just stop marketing once you get the first sale. For your business to win, you need them to buy and buy again.

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