When Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

A divorce is usually a very disruptive experience for both parties. Having your marriage end is stressful, no matter what happened or who’s at fault. The process of getting divorced can be easy, but it can also be difficult depending on various circumstances. 

Modern pop culture often depicts divorces as massive legal battles that involve process servers, lawyers, and courts. However, do you need a lawyer to finalize a divorce? Let’s find out. 

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Clean Divorces 

Divorces that match the description from our introduction aren’t rare. After all, the reason why people are getting divorced is a conflict of some kind. When things get heated, lawyers will get involved. That being said, not all divorces are so dramatic. There are clean divorces where both parties see eye to eye. You’ve probably heard of couples who simply realized that their relationship isn’t what it used to be. In many such cases, both parties will be on the same page and agree to a divorce. Clean divorces can be finalized without a lawyer but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one. 


Why You Should Have a Lawyer at Your Side 

Even if we take the best-case scenario where you and your spouse have agreed to a divorce and are fairly levelheaded regarding what comes next, you still need to define several details of the divorce. 

  • Child custody and visitation 
  • Potential alimony
  • Division of property
  • Custody of pets 

These are just some of the many things that need to be defined before you put your signature on any piece of paper. Having two people be on the same page on each and every one of these items is rare. If there’s any friction along the way, having a lawyer to consult with can be extremely valuable. 

Mediation isn’t the only reason why you’d want to have a lawyer by your side during a clean divorce. The process of filing for a divorce can be confusing. Most couples who are getting a divorce are in a state of emotional distress. Some much more than others. 

Depending on how bad you’re taking the whole situation, you may or may not be capable of following every single step in the sometimes complicated divorce process. Dallas divorce lawyers who specialize in this area of the law note that having a lawyer greatly relieves stress and anxiety when it comes to divorce-related paperwork. Having legal counsel means removing yourself from the majority of administrative tasks involved in an average divorce process. 


Rough Divorces 

Unfortunately, not all divorces are peaceful nor easy to finalize. The other end of the spectrum often involves domestic violence, dramatic custody battles, and plenty of stressful court encounters. Any of these instances make hiring a lawyer a vital first step in what is likely about to be a long court battle. 


Domestic Abuse 

Victims of domestic abuse absolutely need to consult with a lawyer before taking any action against their spouse. It pays to be extra cautious when the threat of violence is high. Consulting with a lawyer can give you a fresh perspective on what to do and how to do it. Lawyers will lay out the plan of battle, which may or may not involve a preemptive restraining order. 

Additionally, your lawyers can help you move yourself and your kids to a safe location in secret. Once you’re safe and out of reach of your spouse, your lawyer will take over and do most of the heavy lifting for you. Having legal counsel in this instance means that you don’t have to face your spouse up until everything is finalized. 


Why Having a Good Divorce Lawyer Matters? 

Violence isn’t the only indicator of a long and difficult divorce. Two people can make each other’s life hell without resorting to violence. Couples fighting over children and property are sometimes capable of going to great extents in order to win. 

At one point such divorces become proper legal battles where having a good lawyer makes all the difference in the world. It’s worth noting that not every lawyer is suitable for this job. You need to find an expert. 


Lawyers Specialized in Divorce Law 

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Lawyers often specialize in certain types of law, just like surgeons or scientists. Knowing every single type of law by heart is a tall order even for gifted individuals. Therefore, hiring a personal injury lawyer to accompany you through a tough divorce probably isn’t the best idea. 

There are many law firms that specialize in divorces. Make sure that you find a reputable one that has a proven track record. It’s a good idea to consult several law firms and lawyers to find one that you’re comfortable working with. After all, lawyers are people too — you can’t expect to ‘click’ with every single one. 


But Aren’t Divorce Lawyers Expensive? 

It’s no secret that legal representation comes at a cost. However, that cost is often minuscule compared to the amount of money you can lose to your ex-spouse if you represent yourself, and they come armed with top gun divorce lawyers. 

It is in your best interest to have a good lawyer by your side if you’re expecting a long divorce with plenty of court time in the near future. 


What if You Can’t Afford a Divorce Lawyer? 

In an instance where you can’t afford to hire a divorce lawyer, you’re left with several options. You can go online and find the contact for your local legal aid office. These will offer different kinds of assistance depending on how funded they are and how serious your case is. At the very least, you should get a consultation with a lawyer. 

The other option is to get in touch with various lawyers and see if any of them are willing to take you on ‘pro bono’. You’d be surprised how many lawyers work cases for free purely out of altruism. However, it’s best not to count on this option. Use this as a last resort. 


Can Divorce Lawyers Affect the Duration of a Divorce Process? 

Absolutely! A good divorce lawyer can negotiate with the other side, thus finding a compromise that works for both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. The fact that you can put your marriage behind you sooner is an often overlooked perk of hiring a good divorce lawyer. 

In the event of a divorce, you may not be able to handle this process on your own. In this matter, you will need the services of an able lawyer to help you out. If you manage to find a good one, you can overcome this difficult phase of your life as soon as possible.

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