White Label or Gray Brand: Why Adopt The Concept?

In the “red ocean” of companies where everyone wants to differentiate, stand out and remain competitive, the “white label” can be a non-negligible and a very strategic solution. The white mark is a commercial process by which a company offers a product, service or tool, provided by a third party, without mentioning the brand of the latter. It is, thus, a case of subcontracting, without revealing the name of the supplier.
This commercial technique is becoming more widespread and affects many sectors, including retail, insurance, and of course, computing and SEO.

5 reasons to adopt the White Label or Gray Brand strategy for SEO

The Latest SEO Trends That Can Boost Your Business
The Latest SEO Trends That Can Boost Your Business

1. Save money

Offering white label SEO services or gray brand SEO, for instance, is first and foremost an economical solution. Indeed, the company does not need to invest or incur additional charges (like web development, for example), because the service is already created, finalized and ready to be exploited. It is, therefore, an extra service, at a lower cost. Each situation is different, and the stakeholders negotiate the distribution of earnings. The provision of the white/gray mark can also be free. The distribution of the financial benefits is defined beforehand by the stakeholders (percentage of turnover, retro-commission, etc.).

2. Save time

A white label service saves time; the white label does not replace an employee but can save the time spent on a project. The external service provider takes care of all the proposed services, including project management. There is no need to spend time looking for experts in a field; the service is accessible and available instantly.

3. Offer quality service

Companies may use a white label to outsource part of their business. Nevertheless, white label services are not always closely linked to the core business of the company that wants to implement it (although of course there is always a logical relationship with the activity of the company or its environment). Indeed, the white label provides a service provided by specialists in a specific field, with a level of expertise. It is, therefore, the best solution to meet certain needs of the company.

4. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Offering a service in white label gives more choice to the customer. Moreover, since experts provide the service, the risk of not satisfying the client decreases. Even if some problems do appear, the company does not have to take care of it; because the control is carried out by the outsourced organization (what we can call “turnkey solution”).

5. Boost the company’s reputation

The white mark allows offering services under the name of the company. This increases your visibility and ensures that the customer associates the new service with the desired brand. Regarding SEO, the white label allows to gather additional content on the company’s website, indexed by search engines, so a better SEO. The gray-label partnership, on the other hand, can be a win-win solution for parties, the user brand and the supplier brand, as both promote their names at the same time.

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