Who Are the Brand’s Ambassadors, And Can an Ordinary Person Become One?

If you regularly see the same product in the blogger’s photos, but no direct advertising, perhaps the blogger is the brand’s ambassadors.

This is a new format, through which companies form loyalty to their products and increase sales. Often the ambassadors are well-known personalities. But the average person also has the opportunity to become an ambassador under certain conditions.

In this article, I will tell you who are the ambassadors of brands, what they do, and how to become one of them.

Who Are the Brand's Ambassadors, And Can an Ordinary Person Become One?


Who are the brand ambassadors

An ambassador of a brand is a person who represents a company. But this is not an official representative to whom you can come with claims and questions about products, but rather a people’s representative – a person who uses the products or services of the company himself and actively talks about it.

The ambassador most often does not openly say “Buy it!”, but always demonstrates his own love to the brand: “I am so happy that I have it!” Looking at it, people who trust the ambassador start to trust the brand as well.

Simple advertising, when someone famous loudly declares that this product is the best and you only need to buy it, is already outdated: people do not believe it. Among the celebrities, there are many ambassadors. The other day Charles Leclerc became an ambassador of Armani brand.

What do ambassadors do

The main duty of any ambassadors is to use the products of the brand and tell about it. He or she must also tell about the values and mission of the company itself if any. All this must be done unobtrusively and without a raid of advertising.

Marketers insist that the ambassadors must speak the same language to their audience. This means that the posts about the brand and its products should be in the same style as all the other posts of the ambassadors – the audience should not see the advertisement and should think that this product was there because the ambassadors really use it.

Is it beneficial to be a brand ambassador

The income of an ambassador depends on whether it is a full-fledged job – the company can also offer this option of cooperation – or it is simply a supplement to the core business. In addition, the ambassador can receive money for his or her activities, or maybe – the company’s products, just a discount on it or non-monetary bonuses, such as travel or free participation in events.

What will be spent on the ambassadors, too, depends on its agreements with the company. For example, he can be paid for targeted advertising of posts that tell about the brand to increase coverage, or at his own expense to buy the company’s products in case if for the ambassadorship he or she receives only a discount on it. Or he may not pay for anything – it depends on what conditions the brand offers a partnership.

How to become an ambassador of a brand

In 2020, to become an ambassador of the brand, you do not have to be a popular blogger with a large audience – companies are ready to cooperate even with those who have only a couple of thousand subscribers. It is much more important for them that a person genuinely loves the brand.

The ambassadors should not have any special education or special professional skills either. But the basic understanding of marketing and promotion features at different sites can be a plus – good, if the company does not have to tell the ambassador, what is “Instagram”, to teach him to set up targeted advertising and write interesting reviews of its products.

Also, the ambassador will have to regularly communicate with its audience and actively conduct their profiles in social networks – you need to be prepared for this. But the age most often does not matter.

An ideal ambassador should have certain qualities and skills

Interest in a brand is extremely important – ideally, if the ambassador is a sincere fan and consumer. In addition, communication skills are important, the ability to build honest relationships and dialogue with the audience. It is bad if the ambassador hides the fact of ambassadorship and turns everything into regular product placement, that is, hidden advertising: the audience always feels false and deceitful. This will only lead to negative consequences.

The ambassador should be able to tell the history of the brand so that it would be interesting to people. For example, a few years ago I was at a closed tasting with the whiskey brand ambassadors. The most important thing I noted was its charisma and ability to inspire the history of the brand. After the tasting, I told my friends the stories I learned there for a long time.

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