Why Should you Consider Investing in a Bajaj Finance FD

If you choose to invest a part of your earnings regularly, it can help you with meeting several goals and targets, and keeping your future secure. A fixed deposit would be the best option to go for when you decide to multiply what you are earning over a span of time. 

To earn high returns, what you need to do is opt a reputed issuer that would offer an interest rate that is substantial. Bajaj Finance FD, therefore, would be a great option for you. Read on to find out why investing in Bajaj Finance FD is a great idea.

High Interest Rate

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is a great option because it offers a high interest rate of up to 8.95%. You can in fact earn returns over 50% of your total investment, depending on your payout frequency, tenor, and customer type. 

You can use a Fixed Deposit calculator to take a look at examples and to view returns. 

Fixed Deposit For New Customers With 8.60% Of Interest Rate 

Deposit Amount (In Rupees) Tenor (In Years) Interest (In Rupees) Maturity Amount (In Rupees) Return On Investment (In Percentage)
3,00,000 5 1,53,180 4,53,180 51.06


Fixed Deposit For Senior Citizens With 8.95% Of Interest Rate

Deposit Amount (In Rupees) Tenor (In Years) Interest (In Rupees) Maturity Amount (In Rupees) Return On Investment (In Percentage)
3,00,000 5 1,60,529 4,60,529 53.50


High ICRA And CRISIL Credibility Ratings 

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit ensures that there are no risks that you need to worry about. They have been given the highest FAAA credibility ratings by ICRA and CRISIL. The high credibility ratings are an indication that your investments are secure, and that you will receive your maturity returns in full and on time. You do not have to worry about principal loss or default. 


Low Minimum Deposit Amount 

As an individual who is salaried, you may be unable to save a huge amount of money each month. However, Bajaj Finance FD gives you the opportunity to start a Fixed Deposit with a minimum deposit amount of Rs. 25,000 only, and ensures that you earn handsome returns. 


Flexible Tenor 

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit comes with a flexible tenor where you are allowed to choose one between 12 to 60 months. This would also let you ladder your Fixed Deposits based on requirements of your liquidity. 


Several Payout Options

There are two types of Bajaj Finance FDs: one that comes with interest payable at the time of maturity, and the other that allows you to enjoy payouts throughout your chosen tenor. When it comes to the first type, the deposits benefit from the power of compounding, and yields returns that are marginally higher. When it comes to the second type on the other hand, the FD would offer you frequent payouts on an annual, bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis. 

Choosing Bajaj Finance FD would allow you to direct your finances towards growth, and reach your goals with time.

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