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Entrepreneurs who are new in the world of business usually don’t know their way around many things in business. Entrepreneurs come up with ideas and plans on how to implement the ideas. When it reaches implementation time, some things are bound to come up that they had not factored in and they require urgent attention. But being an entrepreneur, learning is a continuous process. At some point, they will need to notarize some documents such as contracts.

A notary public is a common term in the world of businesses and contracts. A notary is a licensed person who performs acts in legal affairs, particularly witnessing signatures on documents. A notary public is an officially authorized person to notarize legal documents as well as administer and take oaths and affirmations and other tasks.

Why documents need to be notarized

The major reason for notarizing documents is to deter fraud, as well as ensure proper execution. Entrepreneurs will need to notarize some documents at some point in their operations. A notary public ensures that parties, such as entrepreneurs, are protected against fraud legally. With a notary public, businessmen can enter into legally binding agreements.

Notary services are easily accessible with a company like Superior Notary Services, whose team of 34,000+ notaries come to your location. The mobile notary public service landscape is changing with new focus; notaries now come to clients rather than clients needing to find a notary.

Whether sealing that business deal, getting into an escrow agreement, or securing a loan, a notary has a huge part to play. Young entrepreneurs get into dubious deals for lack of knowledge. Successful entrepreneurs are people who are open to learning. They find themselves in scams because of not seeking the services of a notary. Notary services are required in the real estate deals, automobile services, legal documents, and even structured settlements.

What are some of the documents that need to be notarized?

The notary services cover documents in the real estate, structured settlements, legal, automobile notary services, as well as other general notary services. The documents that usually need to be notarized are many. The following are some of the documents that need to be notarized.

1. Mortgage closing documents

The closing of your loan, as well as closing of your home purchase, happens at the same time. There are a number of documents involved in the process. Parties come together on a table, agree on terms, and then sign documents to the effect. The signing of the documents is overseen by a person, such as a notary. A notary can witness the signing of the documents to make them legally binding. Entrepreneurs in real estate are heavily reliant on notary services to close deals successfully.

2. Agreement documents

Agreement documents are diverse and range from contracts to agreement on the sale of property. In case of a dispute, a notary will provide a proof of the parties signing a contract. Witnessing of the signing of agreements is a common practice that ensures every party lives up to their commitments.

3. Affidavits

An affidavit is a well-crafted statement of facts by a party who swore to tell nothing but the truth and signed in the presence of a notary public or any other legal authority. A notary public serves to make the document legal. Consequently, an affidavit can be used in a court of law as evidence.

4. Statements

Statements can include financial statements and attorney statements. Financial statements often contain critical information regarding your personal or business income and assets. When compiling a financial statement, a standard protocol is followed because of the importance of the data. A financial statement may need to be notarized in an effort to authenticate the information and identity of the person compiling the statement, and to attest to the statement’s validity and accuracy.

5. Title transfer documents

Title transfers are mostly involved during buying and selling of vehicles. Laws governing notarizing vehicle transfer titles vary with each state. Check the laws of your state first. When you notarize your car title, you will exempt yourself from liability in case something happens to the car before the buyer registers it. It proves that you have sold the vehicle.

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