3 Fundamental Copywriting Principles to Keep Readers Engaged

Copywriting has certainly evolved in recent years as the needs of both marketers and potential customers change. That means anyone not paying close attention to current copywriting trends is, as a rule, not going to enjoy the level of success they are looking for. That simply means everyone in copywriting must adhere to a few simple principles.

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Know Your Target Audience

For years, copywriters wrote generalized copy with little need to focus on specific demographics. That actually worked before the search engines started using highly sophisticated algorithms to determine which sites actually provided the best user experience.

The changes in email marketing and the onslaught of social media marketing further complicated the copywriting today. Business magazine articles by the droves have highlighted the benefits of carefully defining your audience and designing copy to address their needs.

Readers also tend to respond to emotional appeals, which means copywriters must be able to understand how effectively people respond to those types of appeals. In other words, copywriters must be empathetic, at least to a certain degree, when constructing a copy.

Carefully Choose the Verbiage Used

Since the reader’s ability to comprehend copy is crucial, copywriters must always remember who their audience is when crafting copy. In the United States, the average person comprehends articles written at roughly the sixth to seventh-grade level. That suggests, to be readable, a large percentage of the copy written today will need to be written at that level.

However, if the target demographic is highly educated, the tone of the copy and the language used must be adjusted to keep the attention of those readers. If you’re wondering why “Know Your Target Audience” was the number one principle, readability can only follow when the language used is directed at the target audience.

However, there are others who firmly believe copywriters need to really grasp the relationships between terms like difficulty and interest. That means even a weaker reader may be able to grasp more important elements of copy when they’re motivated by interest. It’s a balancing act every copywriter needs to deal with when exploring how to construct their articles.

Cost vs. Benefit for Companies and Readers Alike

Yes, the cost of a campaign is also vitally important. That’s why companies embarking on new campaigns or updating existing ones need to carefully evaluate the costs and potential benefits of a marketing effort, including copywriting costs. Companies routinely use Pardot pricing comparisons and other strategies when evaluating the real potential of campaigns. With the proper guidance, it’s easier to reach potential customers and deliver the message customers are looking for.

It’s also important to recognize that automation costs, including the integration of various forms of copy, are ongoing costs rather than one-time expenses. The very nature of modern marketing demands organizations is ready to update efforts as their needs and the demands of the market continue to evolve.

Organizations also need to carefully explore their options and determine which types of marketing efforts will, indeed, deliver benefits that justify the costs involved. Copywriting is certainly a consideration, but so are the strategies used to deliver that copy to potential customers.

Get Started Now

If you’re still unsure how to enhance the value of copywriting in an organization, now is the time to start evaluating the available options. By understanding how important copywriting is and knowing how to deliver a message to the target audience, it’s certainly possible to enhance a company’s position in any market segment.

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