What is Advertising?

Now we know that the title of this particular post might sound a little strange, after all, if you are running a business and trying to promote it, then chances are that you actually are fully aware of what advertising is.

However, the thing about advertising is that it is something that always seems to be changing, that it always seems to be moving and developing, so much so that many of us don’t even know what advertising is anymore.

So, this particular blog post is dedicated to showcasing exactly what advertising is and learning more about the current state of affairs in the world of advertising.

How advertising used to be seen

Back in the day advertising was a phrase that was used to identify a range of methods of promoting a message, usually from a brand or company. In the most part they were billboards, magazine ads and of course the good old TV ads too. The idea of advertising was that you were trying to sell something, be this a product or a service, which meant that you needed to think about the ways that you could get your name out there and have people talking about you as much as possible.

It might be hard to believe, but there was once a world when a mobile phone wasn’t even dreamt of, or at least not in the way they are now available. People would spend their everyday lives reading newspapers, magazines and watching TV shows too. Which meant that these were the most effective way to speak to your audience.

Whilst these methods of advertising are still seen around the world, advertising, much like many things has changed and grown over time and this is all down to the world of digital marketing.

What is advertising now?

Nowadays, advertisements seen in printed materials, radio and TV are declining. Of course these methods of getting your message across is never going to go away as they do still work, but they are not quite as popular as they once were.

As we have already mentioned, advertising is the art of selling, which means that in order to make sales you need to identify the best ways to speak to your audience and get them to want to be a part of your mission. In our modern times, we have so many more avenues open to us, more than we could have ever dreamed all those years ago.

Social media, paid searches, website banners, content, SEO. All of these things now form part of advertising and in order to make sure that your advertising efforts are successful, well then you are going to need to be creative and stand out. Even in a very busy market.

Another thing that you absolutely need to know about advertising now is that it’s more than just the art of selling, it is actually about persuading your audience to join you on your journey. It is about engaging with them, speaking to them and allowing them to be a part of your brand, rather than a sales figure.

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