How To Use Printed Shade Cloth For Advertising Your Business

Outdoor advertising is an effective means of business advertising. It provides the needed awareness for the business and often leads to conversion. Various types of advertising materials are used in presenting these adverts, including shade cloths. This type of cloth is made of loosely woven polyester and have remained a staple for outdoor advertising for reasons including lower costs, durability and reusability. Shade cloth with printing can be used for outdoor advertising in the following ways:

How To Use Printed Shade Cloth For Advertising Your Business


  • Framed Sandwich Boards

You can use printed shade cloth for your framed sandwich boards adverts. These are mobile, small-sized boards with metal frames that can be flipped open like a sandwich for outdoor advertising. They’re great for local outdoor advertising, and you can place them in front of your office, along with highway dividers and at business events.

There are several materials used for advertising, but shade cloth is uniquely positioned because of reduced tendency to get dirty and higher durability compared to other materials. They also tend to absorb adhesives better through the tiny holes in their membrane, which keeps them glued in place longer. Visit this site to make a printed shade cloth purchase.


  • Billboards

Billboards have been in use for a long time and are traditionally made of either Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polyethylene (PE). They’re typically large-sized allowing the business to display adverts and other business information. Billboards are an effective means of advertising, especially when in high traffic locations.

However, PVC and PE billboards tend to get torn along the middle within a short period. This is due to their inability to resist high wind speeds. A possible solution is a manual perforation of the PVC and PE material to ensure the passage of air. This greatly affects the advert designs, and clarity of information as pieces of information such as business logos and phone number digits may be perforated wrongly.

Shade cloths can present designs and advert information clearly while allowing easy passage of air. This reduces the risk of billboards getting torn up until the end of your billboard advertising campaign.


  • Building Wraps

This advertising medium comes in larger sizes than billboards and are typically determined by the size of the building, including multiple story building and skyscrapers. They’re used to reach a larger audience when placed on buildings in business districts, industrial estates and malls. 

Building wraps can also be made with PVC and PE, but these are less effective compared to printed shade cloth. This is because both PVC and PE would require the same manual perforation required for billboards to allow for the passage of light and air into buildings where they’re used. On the other hand, shade cloths allow the passage of air and light into the building while presenting your advert designs vividly for a long period.


  • Transit Stop Adverts

Transit stop advertising guarantees high viewership by commuters who use the stop at different times. The effectiveness of this form of marketing is also increasing with the park-and-ride culture, which proposes that people leave their cars at home and board public transport for environmental sustainability purposes.

Shade cloths are great for this type of advertisements because of their durability in the presence of high human traffic which is bound to increase the amount of hand contact with the signs.


  • Mounted Flags

Flags are mounted for advertisements on electric poles, highway poles and building sides. They provide a unique and personalized form of advertising that’s effective in providing information such as new products, promotional offers and upcoming events.

Mounted flags can be used for marketing over a larger area and multiple locations. The effectiveness of these flags is higher when multiple units are placed in different locations where you’re using them. Another plus, for mounted flag adverts, is that they can stay in place for a long time because they’re out of the reach of passersby.

Shade cloths are suitable for mounted flags because when tensioned and caught in the wind flow path they’re less likely to get torn. They also dull out as is the case with cloth flags in the prolonged presence of harsh weather forces.


  • Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are traditionally made with heavy plastic and metal plate designs. However, innovative technologies are being used to use cheaper and environmentally friendly options such as shade cloths in illuminated signages.

Shade cloth signages allow better passage of light through their perforated holes regardless of how dark colored the design may be.


  • Moving Vehicle Adverts

Printed shade cloth can be used for moving vehicle adverts in the form of full-body works or mounted signages as seen in taxis. This is a viable form of advertisement with the wider reach it generates due to mobility. Consequently, wherever a vehicle carrying your business, advert goes, your business will be marketed. Bigger vehicles, such as coach buses are more effective in mobile adverts for more visibility.


  • Removable Mural Works

There are many authorization issues associated with murals. Graffiti and street art are popularized illegal forms of murals. However, murals are very desirable for business advertising because of their sheer beauty and imposing size. 

When it’s impossible or too expensive to obtain a mural permit, shade cloth murals can be used. You can easily rent large wall space for this purpose and paste your printed shade cloth mural and remove it at any time. It’s also beneficial in building spaces where you don’t want a permanent design done on the wall, such as your office space.


  • Window Screen Advertisement

Window screen advertising are also viable forms of business advertising. These are found in office windows, façade designs and cars. They’re pasted internally to prolong their life further. Printed shade cloths are great for this advertisement method because of their perforated structure which allows a considerable amount of light into the building.

How To Use Printed Shade Cloth For Advertising Your Business


The use of printed shade cloth for advertising offers great benefits, including durability, high-quality design surface and light permittance into buildings, offices and cars. Application of printed shade cloths include framed sandwich boards, billboards, building wraps, transit stop signs, mounted flags, illuminated signs, moving vehicle adverts, removable mural works, and window screen advertisements.

They’re an environmentally friendlier option to many of the other forms of advertisements. This is due to their reusability in greenhouses and farms.

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