3 Interesting Customer Types That You Can Help You In Your Business

Every business needs customers to survive. Your products or services are not useful unless you have people that are willing to buy them. Acquiring even a single customer takes time and effort. Businesses all they can to acquire new customers. In fact, a business grows when its customer base increases. Everyone who has ever started a business will tell you freely that it takes time to know your customers.

This is because a business gets customers from all walks of life. It’s therefore important you identify the customers that are beneficial to your business. If you don’t filter your customers, you might find yourself trying to impress that doesn’t add any value to your venture. Such customers will only buy from your store for a short while and then vanish into the thin air. Below is a list of three types of customers that will always be there.

Loyal Customers

These customers love your products or services to the core and as such, they can never buy from another store that’s not yours. If you involved them in a survey, you would be happy to realize that they would have a high net promoter score. Besides being your loyal customers, they double as your marketers. They really praise your products or services when their friends and relatives are around. These customers generate the most profits for your business due to their aggressiveness in referring others. You can’t, therefore, afford to loose them because your venture would crash with their exit.

In fact, they are the customers that should feature in your testimonials of satisfied clients. When you want to improve your services or products, you should consult such customers because they are the people that see the true value of your business. You should also ask yourself what has made such customers stick with you for a long time and then apply the same approach to other customers. If your loyal customer complains about something, you should fix the problem immediately so that you don’t lose his confidence in your business.  You should keep the contacts of such customers close because they should be the first people to know when you launch a new service or product.   

New Customers

New customers are people who are trying your products or services for the very first time. They actually put your business to the test and if it passes, they are yours to keep. New customers are brought to you by the efforts you make in promoting your brand. In other words, they are the results you get for your input. In most cases, they come to your store because they are disappointed by the services or products that your rivals have to offer.

If you really want to retain such customers, you should help them use your products so that they can have an impressive user experience. In fact, you should follow them literally after they have bought an item from your store just to make sure they understand how it can be used to solve their problem. Moreover, you should make sure they can communicate with you in real time via the phone and email. It’s actually recommended that you give their inquiries the first priority. Once they are happy with your brand, they will become your promoters.

Impulsive Customer

Impulsive customers don’t have the time to listen to your whining. Whether you sugarcoat your statement or not, they will still pay for the service or product. They are never interested in your special offers. They just want to shop and be done with it. All they care about is the ability of your product to meet their needs. Nothing more. Such customers are an informed lot. They know exactly how to use the product they are buying.

However, they will only buy from your store if it’s easy to navigate through. This is because they normally have tight schedules. Since they value their time, they will bolt away if your website takes ages to load or when making a purchase becomes rocket science due to unwanted complexities. You should, therefore, make it easy for them to access your website. In addition to that, you should always stock the product they buy more often or you will lose them to your rivals. As long as they are happy with your services or products, they will not hesitate in referring their friends and relatives to your store.

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