4 Growing Professions among Women 2019

In this modern age, women have taken on some real new challenges and have started to rise in the fields which once were not considered ideal for women. If you have not picked a line yet or are looking to change your career, let’s have a look at the most popular professions among women in 2019

Physician Assistant

The most popular career among women this year was physician assistant. The job of a physician assistant is to help health professionals to improve the standards of health care a patient gets. It is a full-time job and physician assistant’s work in physician clinics, hospitals, and other health-centers. The women in this field are earning up to $1600 weekly. It is a booming industry and there are several jobs out there in this field where you can get paid more than the average income. To qualify you will need a license for the state in which you want to practice, you might also need a Master degree in the field to be qualified for the license.

Operations Research Analyst

The job of an operations research analyst is to make sure that a business is running smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively. To make that sure, they use numbers and analytical data to build an effective and efficient structure for that organization. It is a profession that has started to gain a lot of popularity among women lately. This profession mostly requires you to work from the office, but you might also have to go out once in a while to meet clients as well. You will need a bachelor’s degree to enter this field, but it will mostly depend on your employer and your skills.

Software Developers

In the digital age that is mostly reliant on software and computers, a lot of women are also making a major difference in the field. Silicon Valley has been seeing significant growth of women in the tech business. Programmers and developers play a very vital role in the tech industry, and the tech industry cannot survive without them. The career as a software developer is not just promising but is quite well paid as well. You can get a Bachelor degree in computer science or software engineering. You can also enter this field by doing a short course for specific computer language. Full stack development course is a pretty good option, as you will learn about both front end and back end development. These days you can find full stack developer bootcamp specially designed for women only.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineering is also becoming quite popular among women now. In this profession, you work on designing and creating infrastructures. The job of a civil engineer is to supervise a project. The jobs are available in both the public and private sector. You can work on several projects like building a public hospital or designing a building for a company. A civil engineer gets to work at the office as well as on the construction site. It depends on the phase in which the project is in and also what job a specific engineer in the team has been assigned.

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