5 Tips for Flying with Valuables

Best tips for flying with valuables

If you’re traveling by airplane, you need to protect the valuables that you’re taking with you. There are many solutions for protecting jewelry, money, documents, or other fragile, yet expensive items. Read how to protect your property while in the air.

Stow it in Your Carry-On

If you need to take a valuable piece of jewelry with you, place it in an appropriate case in your carry-on luggage. If it’s a ring, place it in a ring box or put your statement necklace in a box designed for such pieces.

Be sure to take out insurance on the jewelry too. A good option is to add a rider to your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance.

Also, carry a copy of the original receipt and a picture of the item when you travel. You will need them to prove the worth of your jewelry if it goes missing or someone steals it.

Lock It Up

Whether it’s your carry-on or checked luggage, make sure to lock the cases. No one should be rifling through your checked baggage, but unfortunately, it happens too often, and any valuables you have in a suitcase could disappear.

Buy luggage with combination locks built-in, or use a small keyed lock to secure your suitcase and carry-on. Along with helping to prevent theft, the locks will keep your bags from flying open if there is turbulence while you’re in the air.

Pick an Appropriate Case for Your Items

In 2009, a singer from Canada had an expensive guitar broken during a flight to the United States. When the airline didn’t reimburse his loss, he wrote a song about it and put it on YouTube. ”United Breaks Guitars” was one of the first viral videos on the internet.

If you’re taking valuables like musical instruments on a flight, not only should you insure it, but put them in the best cases you can afford. SKB cases are a great brand of hard cases for traveling with musical instruments, cameras, and other valuable equipment.

Make Your Luggage Distinguishable

Most luggage manufacturers make their bags in the same colors, such as black, maroon, or dark blue. If you happen to own one of those color cases, mark your bags or somehow make them distinguishable, so that you can easily identify them.

A ribbon or neon-colored tape wrapped around the handle will help you quickly pick out your luggage from the other pieces on a carousel.
You could also place a bright luggage belt around your suitcases or put stickers on the outside to keep others from picking them up, thinking they are theirs.

Keep Valuables Close to You

If you’re carrying cash and credit cards along with your passport, keep them on your body. Fanny packs are back in vogue, so you can wear the pack around your waist with the bag in front to prevent pickpocketing.

Wear a money belt for cash, but also folded copies of your documents. Instead of carrying your original passport on you while touring a city or market, take a copy. Keep the passport hidden in your room or the hotel’s safe with your most valuable jewelry.

Being cautious when you fly is important because theft frequently happens in airports, but so does losing your bags or someone damaging them.


When you’re taking valuables with you, always prepare for them being stolen or lost, and you will have everything you need to report them missing. Ideally, you will have followed the advice and reduced the chances of this happening. However, no plan is ever bulletproof while traveling, so be sure to come prepared. By taking these five precautions, you can worry less during your trip and concentrate on business or having fun instead.

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