5 Tips to Nail Your Digital Marketing in 2022

New year, new digital marketing strategies? Read these five tips first to make sure you’ll nail your digital marketing in 2022!

A new year always comes with exciting new opportunities for marketers and businesses. New trends come into the scene, consumers expect new strategies, and companies are ready to change their approach and grow even further.

The digital landscape is constantly changing and evolving, especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which redefined how businesses promote and how customers buy. Since then, customers have faced a wave of sales messages from the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep with their phones in their hands. This means that businesses and marketing experts need to remain vigilant to all changes in order to ride any innovative wave and stay successful.

Marketing is moving away from pushy copy and salesy tactics, and it is moving towards offering experiences that benefit the customer. That’s what businesses and every digital marketing agency need to focus on in 2022.

Here are five tips to help you nail your digital marketing in 2022:

ROI-Driven Digital Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Startups

  • Know your audience inside out

If there’s one thing that remains unchanged in marketing as years go by, that’s the importance of knowing your audience before making any other move. In 2022, similar to every year since digital marketing became mainstream, knowing your target audience inside out remains of utmost importance.

Every small digital marketing effort you make needs to be about your audience. It needs to be something that they like, value, and relate to. So, the best way to achieve that is to… well, actually research your audience.

Research everything you can about your target ideal customer and build a robust and comprehensive profile of the types of people who would interact with your marketing and buy your products. Also, understand all your audience’s pain points and get a clear idea of how your products can solve them and fulfill their needs.

All this data will empower you to create marketing strategies, be it video, content, social media, or anything that will truly resonate with the people you want to convince to buy from you.

  • Write good copy

Sorry copywriters of 2021, but phrases like “buy now” are no longer accepted in 2022. The era of pushy, salesy copy is done. In 2022, you no longer need to tell consumers what to do but rather give them reasons to do that.

Content has been called the “king” of digital marketing for some time now. Well, how else could we name something that is literally everywhere? Content is on social media, search engines, blogs, websites, podcasts, email, and so on. It can take so many forms, including audio, video, text, and others.

In 2022, you need to level up your content game. Good copy is more important than ever before. Why? Because, since it is everywhere, it means that it is a competitive sphere.

No matter what your digital marketing strategy in 2022 will consist of, you need to make sure that your content stands out from the crowd.

  • Work with digital marketing experts

We get it. The digital marketing field can feel so intimidating these days. Not only is it crowded, but there’s always something new to discover and implement in your own strategies.

So, how do you keep up with a dynamic and ever-changing industry? You leave it to the experts!

Truth be told, digital marketing is no easy task. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, and what works for your rival might not work the same for your business. Plus, you may also find it challenging to keep up with every new trend in the digital environment.

The experts from an seo agency London are the ones who will know everything that’s going on in the digital marketing area and what will work for your business, and what you can simply ignore.

If you truly want to level up your digital marketing in 2022, maybe it is the right time to add some extra funds to your marketing budget and rely on professional marketers to help your business grow.

  • Find the right influencers

If you’ve didn’t join the influencer party in 2020 and 2021, this year is time to get a VIP ticket and prepare your best dance moves. In 2022, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and brand ambassadors are becoming more critical than ever before.

Influencer marketing has been around for some time now. Yet, it exploded in popularity over the past few years as consumers are truly engaging with this trend. Don’t believe us? Here’s some data on influencer marketing to prove it:

  • 49% of consumers agree to depend on influencer recommendations
  • 40% of consumers actually purchased something after seeing it on social media shown by the influencers they follow.

So, start the hunt for relevant influencers for your business and industry. These social media stars already come with a loyal base of followers who can quickly turn into your customers with the right marketing strategies.

  • Use plenty of videos

Video content remains one of the most popular types of content among Internet users and consumers. Video content is a lot easier to consume, especially compared to written content. That’s why video is everywhere on social media and websites.

Video marketing is engaging and impactful. It also allows brands to say more words in a few seconds in an engaging and more relatable way. Hubspot data confirms it, finding that 54% of people want marketers to produce more video content. A majority of marketers from a recent UpCity study also confirmed that increased brand awareness is their most important video marketing goal.

So, it’s clear that video content is here to stay in 2022 as well, and probably beyond. This year, take video marketing more seriously and look for unique ways to leverage the power of this type of content.

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