Ways To Grow Your Startup Using Video Content

Videos are among the best tools for accelerating business growth. Startups are perfect businesses that can grow quickly and bring you more profit if you’re selling an innovative product. That’s why entrepreneurs start about a hundred million setups every year. However, startups have another side of the coin.

Your startup’s launch can be successful if you invest energy and money into the right marketing strategy. Although there are many content creation models that you can use to promote your brand, videos can help you get your brand before many eyes. Fortunately, you can hire corporate video production experts to do the job for you.

Here are ways that you can use videos to grow your startup:

9 Tips For Growing Your Business

1. Explainer Videos

These are Videos created to introduce products to prospects and run for about 90 seconds. They’re great tools because they attract potential customers and convince them to dig deeper into your offers.

Good explainer videos should be focused on the benefits and not the features. They should also be simple to enable everyone to understand them. A common structure that these videos take includes highlighting a problem faced by the prospect, telling them that your product can solve their problem, and describing how the product works. The video should end with a solid call to action.

2. Testimonials

Testimonials are great tools for gaining your customer’s trust. If prospects realize that some of your customers have had positive experiences from using your products, they’re likely to fall for the bait.

When you mix testimonials and the engaging power of videos, the result may be more impressive. That’s because videos can make you develop a stronger connection with your customers.

When using video testimonials, it’s essential to make them as engaging and attractive as possible. One common way of doing that is to ask customers to shoot a video that shares their experience with your product. You don’t have to worry about editing because the rougher the videos are, the more genuine they’ll appear.

3. Youtube

Statistics show that YouTube has grown to be the second-largest search engine after Google. There may be very many videos uploaded to YouTube daily. However, its competition is still lower than Google.

So, if your startup is hungry for exposure, YouTube is ideal. Uploading a video on YouTube will expose your products to huge internal traffic. Moreover, YouTube videos rank well on Google. That means it’ll still help you be on the first page of Google if you do your keyword research right.

There are two ways you can use YouTube to market your brand. You can create your YouTube channel or buy YouTube ads. Before starting a channel, it’s vital to check what your competitors are found on YouTube. You should look at the number of views the videos get and their level of interaction. It’s best to focus on vlog content, informational videos, and video series when starting your channel.

Final Words

Videos are great marketing tools that can help to promote your brand. But not all videos will help you get customers and make a profit. You need videos that’ll tell prospects about your services and highlight customer experiences.

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