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[[exposition |ɛkspəˈzɪʃ(ə)n|


1. a comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory: a systematic exposition of the idea of biodiversity.
2. a large public exhibition of art or trade goods. the exposition will feature exhibits by 165 companies.
3. Music the part of a movement, especially in sonata form, in which the principal themes are first presented.
4. [ mass noun ] archaic the action of making something public. the country squires dreaded the exposition of their rustic conversation.]]

How an EXPO can help you grow your Startup!

EXPO as derived from the word exposition is a very heavy yet sophisticated way to expound your company. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we recommend that you attend these kinds of event happening in your nearest neighbourhood. It is a great opportunity to acknowledge, meet new people and network with a variety of companies. For an aspiring businessman, it paves a leeway to meet other company ambassadors and executives face to face, exchange personal and business details and a great way to hold on-the-spot meetings.Probably sign business contracts of partnership etc. So we encourage entrepreneurs to participate in as many as possible.

EXpo as a way to create new sales channel

How can you as an entrepreneur make use of expos? There are two ways you can do this:

First As a Delegate

It’s only in expos where you can know variety of products and services altogether in one sitting within a held period. It could be in a spacious hall where exhibitors can display their latest products, innovative services so you can be updated about upcoming information, gadgets and whatnot right then and there. For exhibitors, this is an important event where in most cases there are a lot executives from other companies you can rub elbows with. So even as a visitor you can market your products to them directly.

Second As an Exhibitor

Usually visitors seek for new information and services. This is the biggest opportunity to display and sell products and ideologies to the right and interested audience. Because all the participants intentionally gather to hear and open their minds. You can meet a lot of potential buyers, customers and partners and gain exposure from medias, bloggers, reporters and people seeking for something new to introduce to the public. Also as an exhibitor the event host will promote your company in different ways. Example, they will put your company profile/logo/products on the pamphlet and brochures for distribution. Several images will be uploaded to social media sites. So you can use these materials to promote your company and strengthen your credentials. Even after the expo has ended, you have already successfully connected with clients and business partners can readily recognize your company as reliable and popular.


3 Techniques as an Exhibitor

Organization of your booth/ setting your space

You must be able to catch attention. Be prepared to come across delegates and visitors and the challenge is to be a natural head-turner in the game. With exceptional materials and utilities to cater the people.

An Iconic Representative

An elite executive should be the representative of your company. It can be you or a person with whom charisma is a second nature. Of course, the person has to be knowledgeable and welcoming. Your booth is a showcase of your company. A symbolic person who can accommodate visitors and interact with the public is a killer asset that will take your success rate to the roof.

Make accessible appointments

This is the easiest way to meet key leaders in the business world. Only in this kind of event will you have the largest access to a pool of businessmen open for negotiations. You can sit them down and exchange ideas and hopefully close the next business transaction or get the next funding for a project. As oppose to calling them by the phone and setting up a face to face appointment which is so difficult to get through.

So if you’re up for the challenge, grab your suitcases and put your gameface on! It’s time to get involved in the community of trading and participate in seminars. You can start following up with what’s cooking in your city. Actually we researched about Key Events happening around the world and their schedule.

Start plotting events and mark your calendars with the following:

Expo 2015 is the most anticipated one. Attendants to the Expo are expected to include over 140 countries plus a significant number of international organizations. It will be held with the theme Feeding the planet, energy for life.



■ You can refer to thisWEBSITE.. and thiswith a more concise list and specific locations in North America.


■ For Japan

-April, 25
Samurai Venture Summit

-June, 10,11.12
Infinity Ventures Summit 2015 Spring Miyazaki

-November, 17,18
TechCrunch Tokyo


■ Singapore

May 6,7


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